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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
1Anna LouiseHartA seasoned missing persons detective. Protagonist.
 Clinton The current President.
2JeremiahPriceThe boy who was killed by his grandma.
 BrendanHartAnna's husband.
 FrankLearyAnna's supervising officer.
3Hap A forest ranger. Anna's adoptive father.
 ErickAlbertsonThe first master of Mendocino's Masonic order.
 Eden Hap's wife. Anna's adoptive mother.
 Kirk The owner of the cottage for rent.
4LindaStephensAnna's social worker.
6WillFloodAnna's childhood friend. A sheriff.
 EmilyHagueAn actress. Cameron's adoptive mother.
7CalebFordWill and Anna's childhood friend.
 JennyFordCaleb's twin. Murdered.
8AmberSwartz-GarciaOne of the missing girls.
 BethFloodWill's wife.
10EllisFloodWill's father. A retired Sheriff.
 JackFordCaleb and Jenny's father.
11Corolla Anna's therapist.
   Part 2
13Jason Anna's half siblings.
 Amy Anna's half siblings.
 Red Anna's biological father.
 Phyllis Anna's neighbor.
 Bernard Phyllis's dog.
14Polly HannahKlaasKidnapped.
 Eddie Van LeerThe lead detective with Petaluma PD.
 RodFraserThe FBI Special Agent.
15GrayBensonCameron's best friend.
 TroyCurtisEmily's husband. Cameron's adoptive father.
 SteveGonzalesCameron's English teacher.
17LydiaHagueDrew's wife.
18DrewHagueEmily's brother.
20Robin Anna's mother.
21AnneBensonGray's mother.
22Leon One of Will's associates.
 ShannanRussoA missing girl in Gualala.
23Wanda The barmaid.
 Denny One of Will's associates.
 TallyHollanderA psychic.
 KarenRussoShannan's mother.
25Barresi A sergeant in Petaluma PD.
 EveNicholsPolly's mother.
 Annie Polly's half-sister.
26GilliamPelhamPolly's friend. A witness.
 KateMcLeanPolly's friend. A witness.
 MarcKlaasPolly's father.
27Lenore Eden's bird.
30LeonJentzWill's deputy.
 Janice Drew's assistant.
32ClayLa ForgeThe camper that Anna met.
36Cricket Anna's dog.
 IndianaSilversteinTroy's former assistant and mistress.
37CaitlynMuncyCameron's best friend.
38CarolLearyFrank's wife.
   Part 3
41Lisa MarieGilbertCameron's real name.
 RubenGilbertCameron's real father.
 JackieGilbertCameron's real mother.
 Kyle Hector's friend.
 HectorGilbertThe boy that Anna met. Cameron's real brother.
 Carl Hector's uncle.
47BillMuncyCaitlyn's father.
 SamHollanderTally's husband.
49Yvonne LisaWeberOne of the victims of the Sta. Rosa Hitchhiker killer.
 Maureen LouiseSterlingYvonne's best friend.
50DennyRasmussenThe lead investigator in Shannan's case.
 RobertLisickyThe medical examiner.
53CharlesMansonOne of the convicted criminals.
 DavidBerkowitzOne of the convicted criminals.
 EdwardKemperOne of the convicted criminals.
   Part 4
56JakeDouglasSam's twin.
 SamDouglasJake's twin. The boy who accidentally shot his brother.
60Cherilynn LeavittWill's secretary.
61StanWilkesThe supervisor.
68Matthew Anna's son.
 Sarah Anna's daughter.
 Joyce Anna's neighbor who accidentally killed Sarah.
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