Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Part 1 Mom Versus The Gnats
 Bee BranchA grade-eight student at Galer Street.
 BernadetteFoxBee's mother.
 ManjulaKapoorBernadette's virtual assistant.
 ElginBranchBernadette's husband. Aka: E-Dawg.
 OllieOrwaySchool administrator.
 Audrey FaithGriffinBernadette's neighbor.
 Tom An abatement specialist.
 Soo-LinLee-SegalAudrey's friend.
 Lincoln Soo-Lin's son.
 Alexander Lincoln's sister.
 Kyle Audrey's son.
 GwenGoodyearThe school head.
 C.CasellaA physician.
 SenoraFloresA traffic police.
 BalakrishnaBranchBee's passport name.
 Ryan A realtor.
 TomDouglasA local chef.
 Lola A coconut cream pie.
 Zorba Bernadette's friend.
 Kennedy Bee's best friend.
 Warren Audrey's husband.
 BruceJessupDean of Admission at Choate Rosemary.
 HillaryLoundesDirector of Studies at Choate Rosemary
 Ice Cream A dog.
 Grace Bee's friend.
 KateWebbA school nurse.
 Mr.KanganaA music teacher.
 Mr.LevyA Biology teacher.
 Mr. LottersteinA teacher.
 Norma A house cleaner.
 Pablo Elgin's friend.
 Mr.RogersElgin's acquaintance.
 Al GoreFormer Vice-President of the United States.
 DaleChihulyAn American sculptor.
 CliffMassA professor.
 JacobRaymondA graduate student at USC.
 PaulJellinekA professor of architecture.
 BeeberBifocalA factory owner.
 ClaireAnderssenElgin's acquaintance.
 HelenDerwoodA counselor of Swedish Medical Center.
 Ginny Helen's daughter.
 JanelleKurtzA director of psychiatry.
 HannahDillardElgin's friend.
 Frank Hannah's husband.
 WarrenBuffetCEO of Berkshire Hathaway.
2  Part ll Bernadette Past And Present
 Frank LloydWrightOne of the best architects.
 LeCorbusierOne of the best architects.
 Miesvan der RoheOne of the best architects.
 LouisKhanOne of the best architects.
 RichardNeuraOne of the best architects.
 RudolfSchindlerOne of the best architects.
 MichaelGravesA professor.
 PeterEisenmanA former Princeton faculty member.
 EllieSaitoBernadette's classmates.
 MichaelEisnerAn architect.
 RichardMierA firm owner.
 JudyTollA realtor.
 DavidWalkerA contractor.
 AliFahadThe head of the Department of Building and Safety.
 ZahaHadidOne of the architects.
 EllenGrayOne of the architects.
 JuliaMorganOne of the architects.
 AnnTyngOne of the architects.
 MarionGriffinOne of the architects.
 DeniseScott BrownOne of the architects.
 RobertVenturiAn architect.
 AynRandAmerican writer and philosopher.
 NigelMills-MurrayA TV magnate from England.
 Frances FordCoppolaAn American film director.
 JohnSayreOne who bought Bernadette's house.
 NicolaiOuroussoffAn architecture critic.
 Sailor A rabbit.
 Gloria A maid.
3  Part lll Menace To Society
 Barry Soo-Lin's ex-husband.
 Luke One who conducted a Bible studies.
 Mae Luke's wife.
 MurrayGell-MannAn American physicist.
 E.O.WilsonAn American biologist.
 SergeyBrinAn American computer scientist.
 Nehru A former minister of India.
 Samantha A robot.
 DavidPogueAmerican writer.
 Dr.NeergaardA dentist.
 MarcusStrangAn FBI agent.
4  Part lV Invaders
 PhilBradstockA police officer.
 StevenKoenigThe night manager at Westin Hotel.
 Stanton A police officer.
 Maura A housemaid.
 VanBranchElgin's brother.
 Dr.MinkOne of the doctors who specializes in drug intervention.
 Dr.CrabtreeOne of the doctors who specializes in drug intervention.
 Chloe A first grade student.
 Driscoll A detective.
5  Part V Dangers Passed
 Eloise Elgin's acquaintance.
 Desdemona Lincoln's girl friend.
 KurtCobainThe owner of the house at Lake Washington.
 CourtneyLoveKurt's wife.
 SarahWyattBee's roommate.
 JudgeChoateThe headmaster.
 ElijahHarmsenThe President of a travel agency.
 Jurgen G. AltdorfThe ship captain.
 TonyaWoodsA forensic document examiner.
 Morrissey A singer.
 PaulAllenThe chairman of a Seattle Seahawks.
 Dr.VillarSoo-Lin's physician.
6  Part Vl The White Continent
 Marla Sarah Wyatt's best friend.
 Mrs.RyanAn English teacher.
 BuzzAldrinA former pilot.
 JorgesValeraA captain.
 CharlieBarkleyOne of the naturalists.
 Frog One of the naturalists.
 Eduardo One of the crew.
 Karen A female crew.
 Issey A chef.
 Polly The gift shop lady.
 Nick One who studied the penguin colonies.
 WalterReedA physician.
 Adelie A penguin.
 Vivian One of Soduko ladies.
 Iris One of Soduko ladies.
 Laurence M.GouldAn American geologist.
 Jacko One of the crew members.
 Gilly One of the crew members.
7  Part Vll The Runaway Bunny
 Apsley CherryGarrardAn English explorer.
 LouiseNevelsonAn American sculptor.
 Becky A marine biologist.
 Amundsen A Norwegian explorer.
 CaptainScottA British explorer.
 EllenIdelsonManager of the Antarctic Operations.
 Mike A former state senator from Boston.
 Dough A surgeon from Aspen.
 Cal A genial neutrino specialist.