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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1Ivy LinProtagonist.
 MeifengMiaoIvy's maternal grandmother.
 NanMiao-LinIvy's mother.
 ShenLinIvy's father.
 Austin LinIvy's brother.
 Ping Nan's younger sister. Ivy's aunt.
 GideonSpeyerThe boy that Ivy likes.
 LizaJohnsonOne of Ivy's schoolmates.
2RouxRomanIvy's neighbor. The boy who knows Ivy's thieving. Ivy's close friend.
 Ernesto Roux's enemy.
 Mr.MorettiOwner of Morello's Deli Shop. Ernesto's father.
 IrenaRomanRoux's mother. Mr. Moretti's lover.
 NikkiSatterfieldViolet's sister. One of Ivy's schoolmates.
 VioletSatterfieldOne of Ivy's schoolmates.
 HenryFitzgeraldOne of Ivy's schoolmates. Gideon's friend.
 Blake WhitneyOne of Ivy's schoolmates.
   Part 2
4Hong Ivy's aunt.
 SunrinZhaoShen's cousin.
 YinMiaoMeifeng's husband. Ivy's maternal grandfather.
 AnmingWuThe boy Nan admired.
5UncleWangSunrin's daughter.
 Ying YingAunt Hong's elder daughter.
 Wang YanJiuAunt Hong's younger daughter. Aka: Jojo.
 Kai The boy Jojo likes.
 Wuling Kai's friend.
6Feifei Ping's child.
 Tong Ping's child.
 SarahWilsonThe girl Ivy befriended. Ivy's classmate.
 BrettWilsonSarah's brother. A varsity.
   Part 3
7ArabellaWhitakerIvy's student. Sylvia Speyer's cousin.
 Leonine Arabella's baby sister.
 EllenWhitakerArabella's mother.
 Andrea Ivy's roommate.
 DanielSullivanIvy's ex-boyfriend.
 Matheo Sylvia's French friend.
 TedSpeyerGideon's father.
 CarolineWhitaker-SpeyerGideon's mother. Aka: Poppy.
 Nicolas A photographer.
 TomCrossGideon's best friend.
 MarybethHamillTom's girlfriend.
9RolandWellingtonAndrea's co-founder.
 Christine MastermanAndrea's friend and colleague. Aka: Chris.
 KevinZhaoSon of Ping's friend. Aka: KZ.
10DaveFinleyOne of Gideon's investors.
 LianaFinleyDave's wife.
 CocoFinleyDave and Liana's daughter.
 RalphLi-PingA designer.
11VictorSokolovSylvia's close friend. A cellist.
 UncleJackGideon's uncle.
 Bobby Gideon's uncle.
12Pepper Sylvia's cat.
 Natalie Sylvia's old friend.
 Beaver Tom's old cat.
 MiriamCrossTom's mother.
13Francis Sylvia's cousin.
 Patrick The governor.
14Cynthia Poppy's friend.
 Mr.ScollockGideon's neighbor.
 GrandCuffyGideon's grandma.
   Part 4
16JeremyLierSylvia's new boyfriend.
 JohnWhitakerArabella's father.
17BaldasarreMorettiMr. Moretti's son.
18KangRuOne of Ivy's college friends.
 NormanMoorefieldThe man Andrea dated.
19MuXiaoA communist.
 XinChangNan's father.
 Mimi Shen's employee.
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