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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1JimmyPerezA detective.
 SandyWilsonPerez's colleague.
 FranHunterOne of the artists.
 BellaSinclairA fine artist.
 RoddySinclairBella's nephew.
2Cassie Fran's daughter.
3MartinWilliamsonA young chef.
 RoyTaylorSenior investigating officer.
 PeterWildingA writer.
4KennyThomsonA kind crofter in Biddista.
 WillyJamiesonA council tenant. Kenny's acquaintance.
 Lawrence Kenny's brother.
 Edith Kenny's wife.
 Eric Kenny's son.
 Ingirid Kenny's daughter.
5Sarah Perez's ex-wife.
6Dr.SullivanA physician.
7Duncan Fran's ex-husband.
8DawnWilliamsonMartin's wife.
9AggieWilliamsonMartin's mother.
 Alice Martin's daughter.
10Alexander IanSinclairBella's brother.
 Andrew Aggie Williamson's husband.
 Morag One of the members of Perez's team.
 DaveWheelerFormer firefighter.
13MarthaTylerBooth's assistant.
 JeremyBoothDirector of a theatre company. aka: Jem.
 Ellie One of the actors.
14Patrick Perez's acquaintance.
 GeorgeHallidayA collector of temporary art.
 Mrs.HallidayGeorge's wife.
16KatharineRossAn American film, stage, and television actress.
 DavidAttenboroughA British broadcaster and naturalist.
17JerryStoutOne of Lawrence's acquaintances.
 EveEunsonOne of Lawrence's acquaintances.
18AlbertEinsteinA German-born theoretical physicist.
20Liz Martha's acquaintance.
 Kate A trainee reporter at Huddersfield Examiner.
23Greta A woman with a down's syndrome.
 StuartLeaskWorked on the desk at the North Link terminal.
25Marie Stuart's lass.
 LucyWellsA young actress.
26StellaJebsonA local DC.
 Mandy Assistant librarian in Huddersfield.
28Robert A new Pc assigned who's based in Whiteness.
29Amanda Booth's ex-wife.
 JohnStapletonAmanda's husband.
 Ruth Amanda's daughter. aka: Ruthie.
31NormanBoothWilding's agent.
 HelenAdamsWilding's girlfriend.
 JasonDoyleHelen Adams' new partner.
34SophieMooreAn accountant with Shetland Islands council.
 Roger Sophie's husband.
36LedZeppelinAn English rock band formed in London in 1968.
38DavyCloustonOne who worked for Wilding's house.
40Sandra Edith's acquaintance.
41RitaMurphyRuns a theatrical agency.
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