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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1HollisTarryton-LamarMoney's close friend. A Driver's Ed instructor.
 MoneyBretonNarrator and Protagonist.
 Mev Money's daughter.
 MarianneFaithfulA singer.
 JohnWayneA book store owner.
 Paulie Money's son. Mev's step-brother.
 Belinda The development producer. Aka: Monica.
 RobertMotherwellAn American painter.
 ThomasMannAn author.
 Barrabus One of Money's exes.
 Annabelle The nurse.
 Dr.RexAnnabelle's boss. Money's doctor.
 John PhilipSousaAn American composer.
 FlowerCatMoney's cat.
 MichaelJacksonThe famous singer.
 Margaret Paulie's friend.
 Martin Money's acquaintance who compiled a list of best rock singles.
 RobertSanobelMoney's friend. Aka: The Deaf Lady.
 WilliamMorrisAn agency owner who fired Money.
2Lillian Money's old friend.
 Midge Hollis's wife.
 Mikey A police from the Sexual Crime Division.
 Rob A police from the Sexual Crime Division.
 LionelSchumacherMoney's workmate.
3TaylorDidierMoney's new boyfriend. Aka: Dix, New Boyfriend.
 Deannie Dix's friend.
 Penny Money's old director and friend.
 Julie Money's aunt.
4Battier A convenience store owner.
5Mr.PennThe owner of the movie called The Indian Runner.
 SylviaPlathAn American poet and novelist.
6Molly A dog.
 LindaKenesevichA cleaner's manager.
 CaptainButterfieldA pilot.
 Evan A producer.
7Elton Belinda's messenger.
 Cyril Belinda's messenger.
 Deiter Belinda's boss.
 IanAnderlocheThe executive producer.
 Tick The studio driver.
 Janice The producer's assistant.
 Jonas The producer's assistant.
 Crumley Belinda's colleague.
8Armando Paulie's friend.
9Rudy Hollis's driving student.
11AlbertCamusA French Philosopher.
 Donna Money's ex-sister-in-law.
 AlGreenA United States representative.
 Daisy Dix's psychic.
12Garnet The prosecuting attorney.
 Sasha The man that Sasha dated.
14Marla A woman who was determined to sleep in the Laundromat.