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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1BobbyJonesProtagonist. aka: Robert Jones, Edward Hawkins.
 Dr.ThomasBobby's companion.
2ThomasJonesBobby's father. Vicar.
 BassingtonFfrenchStranger Bobby met at the bottom of the cliff.
3Frankie Bobby's childhood friend. aka: Lady Frances Derwent.
 Angela Frankie's friend.
 LeoCaymanAmelia's husband. aka: Mr. Cayman.
 AlexPritchardThe dead man Bobby found on the cliff.
 BadgerBeadonBobby's childhood friend. Planning on starting a business with.
4TheCoronerPolice officer that took the inquest on Alex's death.
 AmeliaCaymanAlex's sister. aka: Mrs. Cayman.
6Carrie Badger's aunt.
  HenriquezOwner of the Henriquez and Dallo Firm.
  DalloCo-owner of the Henriquez and Dallo Firm.
 Mrs.RobertsMr. Roberts's wife.
 Mr.RobertsMan who ran the vicarage in Marchbolt.
7Dr.ThorndykeBobby's doctor.
9LordMarchingtonFrankie's father.
 Mr.OwenOwner of Messr. Wheeler & Owen.
 Frank Mr. Owen's junior clerk.
 InspectorWilliamsFrankie's old acquaintance. Police inspector.
10GeorgeArbuthnotDoctor. Frankie's accomplice.
11SylviaBassington-FfrenchAccompanied Frankie on her fake accident.
12TommyBassington-FfrenchSylvia and Henry's son.
 HenryBassington-FfrenchSylvia's husband. Master of the house.
 RogerBassington-FfrenchHenry's brother. Sylvia's brother-in-law.
13JasperNicholsonDoctor. Bassington-Ffrench's friend.
 MoiraNicholsonSylvia's friend. Dr. Nicholson's wife.
 AlanCarstairsBig game hunter and explorer. Alex's look-alike.
14JohnSavageMillionaire. Alan's friend.
 Reeves Bassington-Ffrench's message boy.
15Mr.AskewLandlord. Witnessed Lady Frances's fake accident.
16FrederickSpraggeFrankie's father's solicitor.
17HubertRivingtonAlan's friend. aka: Colonel Rivington.
 EdithRivingtonColonel Rivington's wife.
25Rose EmilyTempletonJohn's acquaintance.
27Dr.DavidsonLocal coroner assigned in Henry's death.
 EdgarTempletonRose Emily's husband.
29RoseChudleighMr. Templeton's cook. aka: Mrs. Pratt.
 AlbertMereMr. Templeton's gardener.
 Elford John Savage's lawyer.
 Leigh John Savage's lawyer.
31Gladys House parlourmaid of Mr. Templeton.
33DonaldKingFrankie's acquaintance.