Characters - Alphabetical
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MatthewBinghamtonPotential suitor of Felicity.
 BumbleMarquess of Bumble. Father of Felicity and Arthur.
 CalhounAmerican. Co-owner of the The Singing Sparrow.
Robert M.CarrickDuke of Marwick. aka Ewan.
NatashaCorkwoodYounger sister of Jared. aka Tasha.
ArthurFairclothFelicity's twin brother. aka Earl Grout.
FelicityFairclothProtagonist. Daughter of the Marquess of Bumble.
AmandaFairfaxLady. Member of the Ton.
JaredFaulkLord. Member of the Ton.
PrudenceFeatherstoneArthur's wife.
MatthewHaginLord. Amanda's husband.
FriedrichHomrighausenGerman. Another potential suitor of Felicity.
 LilithLady. Acquaintance of Felicity.
 NorthumberlandDuchess. Regularly host the most glamorous ball of the season.
SesilyTalbotAcquaintance of Felicity.
Annabelle Wife of the heir to the Marquessate of Wapping.
Annika Foreman of the Warehouse owned by Devil and Beast. aka Nik.
Beast Devil's brother. aka Whit.
Brixton Boy who works for Devil and Beast.
Catherine Marchioness of Bumble. Mother of Felicity and Arthur.
Clare Works for Grace.
Dahlia Sister of Devil and Beast. aka Grace and Gracie.
Devil Protagonist. aka Devon Culm.
Dinuka Works for Devil and Beast.
Hamish Niall's younger brother. Works for Devil and Beast.
Hester One of the women working in the streets of Covent Garden.
Irving Butler at Felicity's ancestral home.
John Head of security of the Warehouse owned by Devil and Beast.
Mary Works for Beast.
Nelson Works at 72 Shelton Street owned by Daliah.
Niall Wagon driver. Works for Devil and Beast. Scotsman.
Reggie One of the ruffians in Covent Garden.
Samir Wagon driver. Works for Devil and Beast.