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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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PRVictoria PrestonProtagonist. Has the ability to talk to the dead. aka: Vickie.
 Harold FinderDrunk man.
 Mrs. FinderHarold's wife.
 Griffin PryceFBI Agent. Vickie's love interest.
1Jackson CrowFBI Special Unit's Field Director.
    Krewe of Hunters - FBI's paranormal team.
    The Black Bird - Restaurant and Hotel. aka: Frampton Manor.
 Franklin VerneA deceased writer of action books with a shade of horror.
 Monica VerneFranklin's wife.
 Adam HarrisonFranklin's senior advisor. The creator of the Krewe.
 Carl MorrisA local cop and detective.
 Jon SkyeWaiter at the Black Bird. Is dating Alice Frampton.
 Lacey ShawGift Shop Manager at the Black Bird.
 Gary FramptonOwner of the Black Bird.
 Alice FramptonGary's wife. Hostess at the Black Bird. Is dating Jon.
 Myron HatfieldMedical Examiner.
2Virginia ClemmEdgar Allan Poe's wife and cousin.
 Sarah SheltonEdgar Allan Poe's former fiance.
 Montresor  A narrator in Edgar Allan Poe's story.
 Fortunato  Insulted Montresor gravely. Is killed by Montresor.
 Neilson PoeEdgar Allan Poe's cousin.
 Maria ClemmVirginia's mother. Edgar Allan Poe's aunt.
 Officer BenedictDetective Morris's assistant. aka: The Kid.
    Blackhawk Society - Group dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.
 Liza HarcourtPresident of Blackhawk Society.
 Alistair MalcolmVice President of Blackhawk Society.
 Brent WhaleyA science fiction writer. Deceased.
3   The Murders in the Rue Morgue - book related to Verne's death.
 Dylan BallantineGhost. Saved Vickie's life in High School.
 Darlene  Dylan's girlfriend.
 Abraham GrishamEdgar Allan Poe's friend.
 Rufus GriswoldEdgar Allan Poe's nemesis.
5Angela HawkinsFirst member of the Krewe. Jackson's wife.
 Amy TrentA CSI agent.
    Tell-Tale Heart - A story connected to Whaley's death.
 Hermione WarrenA woman who works in Public Records for the Government.
 John MoranEdgar Allan Poe's doctor.
 Barry KenyonMonica's lawyer.
9Josh  Adam's dead son.
 Devin LyleSpecial agent.
 Craig RockwellSpecial agent.
 Sonny SmithNight Manager of the hotel.
 Hamish McCartneyGeneral. First owner of the house.
 Hattie LongHousekeeper and caretaker. Sven's girlfriend.
 Sven MollerHousekeeper and caretaker. Hattie's boyfriend.
 David FramptonGeneral. A Frampton ancestor.
11Walter ReynoldsWriter. Edgar Allan Poe supposed to meet before his death.
13Elyssa FramptonAlice's mother.
    The Mystery of Marie Roget - Book related to Hawkins's death.
16Gladys  Vickie's smart phone system.
 Walter RandolphEdgar Allan Poe's imitator and student.
 Tanya CermakMonica's housekeeper.