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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
2SophiaClevesWoman with a "Third Eye" / Arthur Cleves's mother. Aka: Philo.
 Arthur ClevesSophia Cleves's son / Iris Cleves's nephew. aka: Art.
 EdouardBoubatA 20th century photographer.
 Magritte An artist.
 Sandy Sophia Cleves's optician.
 IrisClevesSophia Cleves's sister / An Activist. aka: Ire.
 Barbara Sophia Cleve's classmate.
 Melvs The old tin colman's mustard man.
 Elvis An actor who played a GI soldier.
 IndividualAdviserThe bank branch manager.
4  Art in Nature - Arthur Cleves's blog.
 Charlotte Arthur Cleves's girlfriend.
 EmilyBrayArthur Cleves's lover.
 Lux Someone Arthur paid to pretend to be Charlotte. aka: Velux.
 GodfreyGableArthur Cleves's father. aka: Raymond Ponds, Ray.
   Part 2
1Mr.KeplerA man who believes that truth and time are kindred.
 Mr.DescartesA french philosopher who loves snow.
 Mr.BaconThe great philosopher who died in cold.
2Nina Frederik's duo partner.
 Frederik Nina's duo partner.
 Mark Man who laughed at Sophia Cleves.
 Bob Iris Cleves's current boyfriend.
 Velvet BrownIris Cleves's friend.
 BillySmartA Circus Owner.
4Alva Lux's friend.
   Part 3
2Laika The little Russian dog.
 Jeanette Sophia Cleves's friend.
 Khrushchev An old bald man who wants to kill a dog.
 Charlie ChaplinA very famous film star.
 Monet A sculptor / Sophia Cleves's acquaintance.
 Renoir A sculptor / Sophia Cleves's acquaintance.
 BarbaraHepworthA 20th century sculptor.
 EthelWalkerA painter of portraits and landscapes.
 WilliamBlakeA poet.
 Raphael A renaissance artist.
   Chei Bres - The House of The Mind.
4SheenaMacCallumA woman that Arthur Cleves and Lux met.
 Mr.MacCallumSheena MacCallum's husband.
 Dr. SamuelJohnsonA man whose having an argument with the bishop.
5BenjaminFranklinThe founding father of the United States.
 DonaldTrumpThe current U.S. president.