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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Olivia   Pullman   August's sister. aka: Via.
    August   Pullman   An ordinary kid with an extraordinary face. aka: Auggie.
2   Christopher       August's best friend.
    Zachary       August's next best friend.
    Alex       August's buddy.
    Joel       August's friend but never invited him to any party.
    Eamon       Joel's buddy.
    Gabe       August's other friend.
    Emma       August's friend who invited him once to a party.
4   Lisa       Christopher's mother.
    Isabel   Pullman   August's mother.
    Nate   Pullman   August's father,.
5   Lawrence   Tushman   School Director.
    Roberta   Butt   College professor of August's father and mother.
7   Mrs.   Garcia   Assistant School Director. aka: Mrs. G.
8   Jack   Will   August's partner in the Science-fair project.
    Julian   Albans   Son of the school board Vice President.
    Charlotte   Cody   August's classmate. Known for being in TV commercial.
9   Ms.   Petosa   Homeroom teacher.
    Mr.   Haller   Science teacher in lower school.
10   Mr.   Resnick   Theater-arts teacher.
12   Daisy       August's dog.
13   Mrs.   Grimaldi   The who is always sitting by her window.
14   Ximeni   Chin   August's dance partner.
    Henry   Joplin   Dating Savanna.
    Maya   Markowitz   Doesn't want to play with August.
    Miles   Noury   One of the two gorillas of Julian.
15   Suki       Charlotte's puppy.
17   Tom   Brown   English teacher.
    Reid   Kinsley   August's classmate in English class.
19   Summer   Dawson   The only girl who sits with August during lunch.
23   Mr.   Roche   History teacher.
25   Tristan       August's nice classmate.
    Maxes       A nerd.
    Ben       August's uncle.
    Kate       August's aunt.
    Porter       Kate's husband.
28   Mrs.   Atanabi   Dance class teacher.
    Ms.   Rubin   Middle-school dean. Science teacher.
    Nino       August's nice classmate.
31   Molly       School nurse.
33   Lilly       Via's doll.
36   Miranda       Via's classmate who is sweet to August.
    Ella       Via's classmate since first grade.
42   Agosto       Isabel's father. August's grandfather.
44   Eleanor       Via's new friend.
    Kevin       Eleanor's boyfriend.
    Justin       Via's boyfriend.
50   Savanna       First girl in school who had a boyfriend, Henry.
    Ellie       Amos's Partner.
    Amos       Known for being a good baseball player.
54   Amanda   Will   Jack's mother.
55   Veronica       Jamie's baby sitter.
    Jamie       Jack's baby brother.
61   Dona   Petra   Owner of the apartment rented by Jack's family.
66   Melissa   Albans   Julian's mother.
67   Luca       Jack's lunch table buddy.
    Isaiah       Luca's buddy.
69   Pablo       Jack's schoolmate.
76   Philip   Davenport   Drama Teacher. Producer/Director of the play.
83   Beulah       Gave a beautiful note to Julian.
85   Dr.   James   August's ear doctor.
91   Martin       Miranda's father.
    Thorton   Wilder   Wrote the play.
    Mrs.   Webb   Character in the play.
94   Azck       Miranda's boyfriend.
96   David   Bowie   Set director.
101   Baboo       August's favorite stuffed animal.
107   Edward   Johnson   Pointed the flashlight on August's face. aka: Eddie.
113   Bear       August's new puppy.
118   Harold   Jansen   Headmaster of the Graduation Ceremony.
    Mark   Antoniak   6th grade student delivered the commencement address.