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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Volume I
1 Mr. Heathcliff Mr. Earnshaw's adopted son.
Mr. Lockwood Mr. Heathcliff's new tenant.
Joseph An elderly servant of Wuthering Heights.
Hareton Earnshaw Mr. Earnshaw's grandson.
2 Juno The queen and guardian of Wuthering Heights.
Mr. Earnshaw The old master.
Gnasher A dog.
Wolf A dog.
Zillah The housekeeper of Wuthering Heights.
3 Catherine Earnshaw Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw's daughter.
Catherine Linton Edgar and Catherine's daughter.
Catherine Heathcliff Formerly Catherine Linton.
Hindley Earnshaw Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw's son.
Frances Earnshaw Hindley's wife.
Jabes Branderham Reverend in the chapel of Gimmerden Sough.
4 Nelly Dean A housekeeper and the main narrator of the book. aka: Ellen.
Mrs. Earnshaw Mr. Earnshaw's wife. Catherine and Hindley's mother.
6 Mr. Linton Owner of the Thrushcross Grange.
Mrs. Linton Mr. Linton's wife.
Edgar Linton Mr. and Mrs. Linton's son.
Isabella Linton Mr. and Mrs. Linton's daughter.
Skulker A dog.
Robert Mr. Linton's acquaintance.
John One of the servants.
Jenny One of the servants.
8 Kenneth A longtime doctor in Gimmerton.
9 Milo A great athlete according to Greek legend.
12 Fanny Isabella's little dog.
Mary One of the servants.
13 Throttler Skulker's son.
Volume 2
3 Linton Heathcliff Mr. Heathcliff and Isabella's son.
4 Minny Miss Cathy's pony.
Charlie One of Cathy's dogs.
Phoenix One of Cathy's dogs.
10 Michael The Linton's stable boy.
14 Mr. Green A lawyer in Gimmerton.
17 Chevy Chase American comedian.