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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Ross MacleodRuns a successful marketing firm in New York and London.
 Rob  Ross's twin brother.
 Hugh  Rob's cousin.
 Duncan l  Hugh's brother.
 Jamie  Ross's uncle.
 Bess  Jamie's wife.
 Kathleen Macleod ParsoniRoss's daughter. Aka: Katie.
 Millie  Hugh's wife.
 Angela MacleodRoss's wife. Aka: Angie.
 Jayne  Rob's wife.
 Bilbo  A black labrador. Hugh's dog.
 Amid  A car service driver.
 Tony ParsoniKatie's husband.
2Jonah VorhiesAn old paramedic.
 Patti Ann  Jonah's partner.
 Rachel HopmanRoss's attending physician.
 Marjorie  Angie's friend.
 Lana BinghamA chef.
 Max FallonA writer.
 Dr. GersonAn excellent internist. Angie's attending physician.
 Ian MacleodKatie's brother.
 Abby  Ian's wife.
3Arlys ReidA TV newscaster.
 Tim  A security guard.
 Fred  An enthusiastic intern.
 Chuck  Arlys's friend. A computer expert.
 Carol  A TV crew.
 Sally MacBrideFormer secretary of agriculture who had been sworn in as President.
 Steve  A cameraman.
 Jim ClaytonHead of the broadcasting news.
4Doris  Owner of a delicacy store.
 Eric  Max's brother.
 Michelle  A woman who worked in advertising.
5Healy  Jonah's laboratory assistant.
 Antonia  Katie's daughter.
 Duncan ll  Katie's son.
6T.J.  A man who was interviewed by Arlys's. aka: Ben.
 Noah  A boy whose parents and brothers were dead. Aka: John.
 Bob BarrettAn anchorman.
7Marshall  Bob's son.
 Peter LasterPresident MacBride's husband.
 Julian  President MacBride's son.
 Sarah  Julian's sister.
 Joe  A dog.
 Eddie ClawsonA man who asked help to Max and Lana.
8Sarri  Eddie's sister.
 Bud  Eddie's friend.
 Mason  Eddie's second cousin.
11Hannah  A newly born baby whose mother died in giving birth.
 Arnette  Owner of a salon for hair and nails.
 Billy  Owner of a Dine In and Out Pie.
12Shaun IselerEric's friend.
 Kim  Poe's friend.
 Poe  A football star.
 Allegra  Eric's girlfriend.
13Mrs. MalleyArlys's mother's friend.
 Mr. MalleyA manager of the local bank.
 Billy AndersonClose friend of Arlys's family.
 Theodore ReidArlys's brother.
 Van ThompsonBill's neighbor.
 Robert ReidArlys's father.
 Carolyn ReidRobert's wife.
 Masie  Ava's daughter.
 Will AndersonBill's son.
 Ava  Bill's wife.
 Karyn BicklesBill's neighbor who was affected by virus.
14Stanley  Owner of a grocery store and a pharmacy.
 Lupa  Flynn's wolf.
 Flynn  A boy who owned a grocery store.
16Anna  Kim's close friend.
17Tara  A kindergarten teacher.
 Mike  A boy with a broken arm.
 Kurt RovePresident of the anti-magick coalition.
 Don  Lou's brother.
 Lou MercerThe one who contradicts all community activities.
 Bryar GregoryHelped in setting a training center for the kids.
 Aaron QuinceAn elf.
 Lloyd StensonA lawyer.
 Carla BarkerA sheriff's deputy.
18Ray  A nurse.
 Carly  A nursing student.
 Rainbow  Taught yoga every morning.
 Clarice  Owned a hair salon.
 Denny WertzOne who did not cooperate with the community activities.
19Sharon BeamerOne who did not cooperate with the community activities.
 Mike RozerA law enforcer.
 Bad FitzA hotheaded cop.
 Diane SimmonsA shapeshifter.
20Starr  A girl who was found in the forest.
 Drake ManningAn electician.
 Wanda SwartzAn engineer.
 Dave DailyOne who helped Lana in cooking some food.
 Anja  A girl who was hanged by the uncanny.
21Marci WiggsHeaded the committee on making soaps.
 Mirium  Dave's friend.
 Justine  A healer.
 Ma Zee  Oldest resident of New Hope.
23Ethan SwiftSimon's father.
 Madeline SwiftEthan's wife.
 Harper  One of Simon's dogs.
 Lee  One of Simon's dogs.
 Simon SwiftFormer US army, now a farmer.
24Anne  A grandmotherly type woman.
25Jessica HobbsSimon's first girlfriend.
 Fallon SwiftLana's daughter.
EpiMallick  Fallon Swift's tutor, trainor, and protector.