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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1Rachel Delphina's long-time servant. Deceased.
 JacobBellDelphina's husband. Pheby's boss. Aka: Master Jacob.
 Delphina Jacob's wife.
 Pheby DeloresBrownNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Ninny.
 Mr.SnitchThe plantation overseer.
 AuntHopeThe plantation cook.
 Lovie The keeper of the house.
 MissSallyJacob's sister.
 DoctorWilksDelphina's doctor.
 RuthBrownPheby's mother.
 EssexHenryPheby's lover. Monroe's father.
 Parrott One of Jacob's servants.
3VinnieBrownPheby's grandmother. A Queen.
5Thunder One of Master Jacob's horses.
 Jasper Aunt Hope's son.
9JohnnieWhiteThe preacher.
   Part 2
10Reade The plantation driver.
 Alice The slave woman that Pheby met.
 Matilda The bloody woman that Pheby met.
 Jack One of Pheby's tormentors.
11Sam Matilda's husband.
 Arthur A skilled blacksmith and carpenter.
12Tommy One of Rubin's servants.
 Elsie Pheby's co-servant.
 RubinLapierThe man who rescued Pheby from auction. A human trafficker. Aka: Marse, The Jailer.
 July One of Rubin's servants.
 Abbie Rubin's house girl.
 BirdieBasilThe Jailer's manservant.
15Charlott One of the slaves.
 MissSarahCharlott's boss.
16MonroeBrownPheby and Essex's son.
 CorinnaHintonThe mistress of the jail off Brich Alley.
 SilasOmuhundroCorrina's husband. A Jail owner.
17Agnes One of the prisoners.
18Miss One of the slaves.
 Taffy One of the slaves.
 Beth-Anne One of the slaves.
 Brenda One of the slaves.
 RobertRylandThe first African baptist church pastor.
 NathanielColverThe reverend.
20Hester FrancineLapierRubin and Pheby's 1st daughter.
 HectorDavisA jail owner.
 DavidPullhamA jail owner.
 AnneDavisHector's wife.
 HelenPullhamDavid's wife.
 Hilda A German seamstress.
 WilliamCawfieldThe tutor of Corinna's children.
21RubinLapier Jr.Rubin and Pheby's son.
 Sissy Rubin's entertainer.
23IsabelLapierPheby's daughter.
 JoanLapierPheby's daughter.
 Florence The new slave.
25MissGraceA teacher.
26KatherineLapierPheby and Rubin's 4th daughter.
   Part 3
28Janice Pheby's helper.
30Daniel Sissy's son.
 GraceMarshallThe Lapier's tutor.
31Clarence Rubin's right hand man.
32Susan The slave with a broken toe.
 Hally One of the slaves.
 Ginny One of the slaves.
 Nancy One of the slaves.
 Cudjoe Nancy's twin brother.
36Hamp Rubin's new driver.
 HenryO'KeefeRubin's friend.
 PollyO'KeefeHenry's wife.
 Betty The O'keefe's maid.
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