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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1Shay MillerProtagonist. Aka: Melissa Downing, Datagirl.
 Sean Shay's long-time crush and flat-mate.
 Jody Sean's girlfriend.
 Fred Shay's plant.
2AmandaEvingerAn emergency room nurse. Deceased.
 CassandraMooreJane's sister. Owner of Moore Firm.
 JaneMooreCassandra's sister. Owner of Moore Firm.
3StanDeckerThe head of human resources.
 DetectiveWilliamThe Detective on Amanda Evinger's suicide.
 Melanie Shay's best friend. Aka: Mel.
4Stacey Member of Moore's group.
5Lila Mel's baby daughter.
 Barry Shay's step-father.
6Dapne Owner of a chic boutique. Member of the Rosewood club.
 BethSullivanStacey's public defender.
9ValerieRicciA Member of Moore's group. An actress.
 JamesAndersThe man who raped Daphne.
10Kit The guy who set up Daphne and James on a blind date.
 Raymond The doorman.
11Paula Shay's psychologist.
12JackieMillerShay's mother.
 MarciaSantiagoThe detective on James Anders's rape case.
 WillowTanakaA mixed-media artist. One of Moore's assistants.
 Oliver The gallery owner.
16Adam Stacey's boyfriend.
19Trey Cassandra and Jane's step-brother.
22Gina Amanda's supervisor.
 EleanorEvingerAmanda's mother. Aka: Ellen.
26DeanBremmerAn actor. Cassandra's friend.
28Brett Beth's husband.
   Part Two
33Philip Shay's stylist.
35FrancineDeMarcoA supervisor at Google. Shay's boss.
37Mary Shay's new neighbor.
 Felix Mary's cat.
40Ted The man on the dating app that Shay flirted with.
44Steve Shay's acquaintance.
48TonyRicciValerie's ex-husband.
 Ashley Valerie's roommate.
   Part Three
59AllanPetersFrancine's colleague.
62AbbyAndersJames's daughter.
 SissyAndersJames's mother.
 Tessa James's ex-wife.
64FlorelloLa GuardiaMayor of New York.
 HarrisDreyerJames's former principal
 ChandlerFergusonThe real estate agent.
 Belinda Valerie's mother.
65LisaScottValerie's co-artist.
 Matteo Valerie's crush.
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