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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1ReedHowardMailman who discovered the dead bodies.
 RichardHalversonOwns the house where Reed discovered the dead bodies.
2JohnPuller Jr.U.S. Army. Criminal Investigative Division special agent.
 Lt. Gen. JohnPuller Sr.John Jr.'s father. Army legend. Aka: Fighting John.
3RobertPullerInmate. John Jr.'s brother. aka: Bobby.
4DonWhiteJohn Jr.'s special agent in charge of CID HQ.
 Awol John Jr.'s cat.
 Gen. BlackJackCID founder.
 Col. MatthewReynoldsDeceased.
 Gen. JulieCarsonMatthew's DIA superior.
5StaceyReynoldsMatthew's wife. Deceased.
6SamanthaColePolice sergeant. John Jr.'s colleague. aka: Sam.
 RandyColeA man John Puller met at the bushes. Sam's brother.
8LarryWellmanPolice officer at the crime scene. Deceased.
10MinnieHalversonRichard's wife.
12Dwayne Police. Sgt. Sam's assistant. aka: Anchor Man.
13LandryMonroeCriminal justice. aka: Lan.
15RogerTrentSole owner of Trent Exploration.
   Trent Exploration - A mining company.
16Lou Chubby cop.
 EricTreadwellMan who lives near the crime scene.
 MollyBitnerWoman living with Eric.
19Sheriff PatLindemannSam's boss.
 AngieWellmanLarry's wife.
20Mrs.BaffleSam's acquaintance.
 BillStraussTrent Exploration executive.
 DickieStraussBill's son.
 JudyJohnsonTrent Exploration manager.
21Dr. WalterKellermanMedical examiner who does the vitcims' autopsies.
 KristenCraigForensic Tech supervisor in USACIL.
24Louisa The woman John Jr. helps. Motel owner.
27Frank Dickie's friend.
31JeanTrentSam's sister. Roger's wife.
32MeghanTrentSam's niece. Roger and Jean's daughter.
 RogerTrent Jr.Roger and Jean's son.
33Sam John Puller's uncle.
34SandyDreidelWorks at the post office.
37RickyDanielsJean's teenage crush.
41MaryColeSam's mother.
 SamuelColeSam's father.
42NellyCousinsLouisa's best friend. Wally's grandmother.
 CletusCousinsWally's father.
 WallyCouiNelly's grandson.
49RyanBollingDIA agent.
52Lt. BarbaraStricklandMatthew's friend.
53JoeMasonHomeland Security leader. Works in DHS.
60GeorgeDougettSmoker. Larry Wellman's murder case witness.
 RhondaDougettGeorge's wife.
84DavidLarrimoreRetired colonel.
95Sergei Soviet army.
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