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Remy Hale
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ProJohn F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 HankTapperA junior biologist.
   Part One
1MichaelStearnsThe Union president. Aka: Mike.
 TomSimpsonMike's brother-in-law.
 Rita Mike's sister.
 John SimpsonTom's father.
 Sharon A paramedic.
 JackStearnsMike's father.
 JamesNicholsA surgeon.
2EdPiazzaHigh school principal.
 FrankJacksonThe Union's secretary-treasurer.
 DanFrostThe police chief.
 JeffreyAdamsGrantville's resident doctor.
 JennyLynchDan Frost's acquaintance.
 KenHobbsOne of the miners.
 HankJonesOne of the miners.
 DarrylMcCarthyOne of the miners.
 HarryLeffertsOne of the miners.
3ToniAdducciOne of the miners.
 DonRichardsOne of the miners.
 LarryMasanielloOne of the miners.
 ChuckRawlsOne of the miners.
 Cleopatra VII The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.
4RebeccaAbrabanelA Jewish refugee. Aka: Becky.
 BalthazarAbrabanelRebecca's father. A doctor.
 Samuelibn NagrelaA Spanish politician.
 Abrahamibn EzraA philosopher.
5Averroes A philosopher.
 MorrisRothMike's acquaintance.
 JudithRothMorris' wife.
6Gustav IIAdolfKing of Sweden also known as Gustavius Adolphus.
 JohnGeorgeThe Elector of Saxony.
 AxelOsenstiernaGustav's closest friend and adviser.
 GeorgeWilliamsAn English philanthropist.
 Wilhelm 1 One of the King's German allies.
 Bernard One of the King's German allies.
 Ferdinand I Emperor of Austria.
 Maximilian I Holy Roman Emperor.
 LennartTorstenssonA Swedish Field Marshal and military engineer.
 JohannBanerA Swedish Field Marshal.
 AlexanderMacKayA Scottish Presbyterian missionary. Aka: Alex.
 JohannTzerklasA field marshal who commanded the Catholic League's forces.
 Gonzalode CordovaA Spanish general and statesman.
 Albrecht WallensteinA Bohemian military leader and statesman.
 CardinalRichelieuA French clergyman and statesman.
7HenryDreesonThe town's mayor.
 GregFerraraA high school's science teacher.
 MelissaMaileyThe high school's history teacher.
 Nat DavisOwner of the town's largest machine shop.
 OllieReardonOne of the machine shop proprietors.
 Dave One of the machine shop proprietors.
 BillPorterThe power-plant manager.
 Willie RayHudsonOne of Mike's acquaintances.
 Quentin UnderwoodOne of Mike's acquaintances.
8Benedict ArnoldA school teacher.
 JoeKenneyA member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada.
 JerryCalafanoA mathematics teacher.
 CliffPriestOne of a high school teachers.
 JoshBentonOne of a high school teachers.
 LenTroutSchool vice-principal.
 Catherine II The Empress of Russia known as Catherine the Great.
10AndrewLennoxScottish's soldier.
 ErnstHoffmanA German author.
11Jake Darryl's uncle.
 JulieSimsThe head cheerleader.
 GeorgeWashingtonFounding Father who served as the First President of U.S.
12Elizabeth I Queen of England.
 RodrigoLopezQueen Elizabeth's doctor.
 Philip II King of Spain.
 Aaron Rebecca's grandfather.
 Uriel Aaron's son.
 James I King of Scotland.
 WalterRaleighAn English writer.
13GeorgeWhiteAn author.
 HaroldO'BrienAn author.
 Abraham CohenBritish editor.
 Avicenna Persian polymath.
14TomStearnsMichael's grandfather.
 Henry IV King of England.
 Averroes A Muslim Andalusia philosopher and jurist.
 Maimonides A philosopher.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English poet.
 Francis BaconAn English philosopher and statesman.
 Edward I King of England.
   Part Two
15HansRichterA German painter.
 Ludwig A mercenary.
 Gretchen Hans' older sister.
 Annalise Gretchen's sister.
 Diego SalcedoA semi-legendary Spanish conquistador.
 Wilhelm 2 Ludwig's son.
16DianeJacksonFrank's wife.
 JeffHigginsOne of Ferrara's "whiz kids."
 LarryWildOne of Jeff Higgins' best friends.
 JimmyAndersenOne of Jeff Higgins' best friends.
 EddieCantrellOne of Jeff Higgins' best friends.
 JohnCalvinA French theologian, pastor and reformer in Geneva.
 JohnKnoxScottish theologian, writer, leader - country's Reformation.
17Elisabet One of Gretchen's acquaintances.
 Mathilde One of Gretchen's acquaintances.
18DaveyCrockettAn American soldier.
23RichardWagnerGerman composer, theatre director, polemicist & conductor.
 HarrietTubmanAn American abolitionist and political activist.
26Alexander III King of the ancient Greek, known as Alexander the Great.
 BaruchSpinozaA Dutch philosopher.
28HeinrichHimmlerA leading member of the Nazi Party of Germany.
 Bonnie Dan's great-great-aunt.
 Leroy Bonnie's first husband.
 Anthony Nichols' second cousin.
29ErnieDobbsA beer-truck driver.
 KarenReadingThe owner of the town's bridal store.
30FatherMazzareA priest.
  JonesA reverend.
31Little Johann Gretchen's baby.
32Mr.KindredThe publisher of Grantville's newspaper.
33JaniceAmblerThe school's television instructor.
 BusterKeatonAn American actor.
 KenBeasleyA bar owner.
 Janet A scriptwriter.
   Part Three
34Maurice Prince of Orange.
 Eric XIV King of Sweden.
 Pappenheim A field marshal.
35Horn A field marshal.
 JohnHepburnA Scottish soldier .
 AndersJ├ÂnssonThe king's personal bodyguard.
 PyotrWrangelA Russian officer.
 AlexanderLeslieScottish soldier.
 RobertMonroA radio broadcasting executive.
 JamesSpensA Scottish adventurer, soldier.
  VitzthumA soldier.
   Part Four
37PhilipMelanchthonA German Lutheran reformer.
 Leonardoda VinciAn Italian polymath.
 GayleMasonFrank's acquaintance.
 MataHariA Dutch exotic dancer.
38Max A young toughs' man.
 Josef Max's friend.
 Moses A prophet.
 AbnerDoubledayUnited States Army officer.
 Ferdinand One of Heinrich's lieutenants.
 Hannelore One of Mathilde's acquaintances.
 Maria One of Mathilde's acquaintances.
 Inga Mathilde's cousin.
 Joachim One of Mathilde's acquaintances.
 Fritz One of Mathilde's acquaintances.
 Kurt One of Mathilde's acquaintances.
 Gertrude Mathilde's youngest sister.
39KarenTylerJulie Sims' observer.
 Henry G. SimsJulie's father.
 Max JungersMathilde's acquaintance.
 Chip A football player. Julie's ex-boyfriend.
40Samuel One of Rebecca's cousins.
 MosesAbrabanelOne of Rebecca's cousins.
 Francisco One of Rebecca's cousins.
 JosephNasiFrancisco's grandfather.
 GraciaMendes NasiOne of the wealthiest Jewish women.
 Bayesid I The Ottoman Sultan.
42Wyatt EarpAn Old West lawman.
 BatMastersonA journalist.
43GeorgKleinschmidt The merchant.
 KennyWashawA high school's former football player.
 SteveEarlyFormer football player.
 JerryTrainerQuentin Underwood's son-in-law.
 Gesine A barmaid.
   Part Five
45GustavVasaGustav Adolf's grandfather.
 GeneralTottA Swedish soldier and politician.
46JackLittleA lathe operator.
47HugoGrotius"Dutch Lawyer.
 Xenophon An historian.
 Charles IX King of France.
48Johannvon AldringenAn Austrian soldier.
   Part Six
49Joseph A priest.
 EthienneServienOne of the cardinal's attendants.
 GeneralSparreA Swedish commander.
 MatthiasGallasAn Austrian soldier.
 Piccolomini An Italian nobleman.
50HansOlafA Swedish engineer.
 CaptainGarsThe name used by Gustavus while travelling to Europe.
52AlexandriaCortezAmerican politician and activist.
 FranciscoPizarroA Spanish conquistador.
54BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 ElvisPresleyAmerican singer.
 RebaMcEntireAmerican singer.
 EdvardGriegA Norwegian composer.
 AlexanderNevskyPrince of Novgorod.
 Leontyne PriceAmerican soprano.
 DmitriShostakovichA Russian composer and pianist.
 JosephStalinFormer Gen. Sec. of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
 Ralph VaughanWilliamsAn English composer.
55Hilda Only German woman who had enlisted in the U.S. army.
56CarlClausewitzA Prussian general and military theorist.
 ClintEastwoodAn American actor, filmmaker.
 Jordan One of Dan's acquaintances.
 Fred One of Dan's acquaintances.
 Wyatt EarpAn Old West lawman .
57Mrs.FlanneryA widow who refused to evacuate.
 SidHatfieldThe Police Chief of Matewan.
   Part Seven
60Benedict ArnoldAmerican military officer served as a general during the war.
61Kathleen Mike and Rebecca's next girl.
 Sepharad Mike and Rebecca's daughter.
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