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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1PeterGuillamProtagonist. Aka: Mr. Jacques, Adrienne Lessif, Marcel Lafontaine.
   Stasi - East German Intelligence Service.
 GeorgeSmileyThe spymaster. Aka: The Circus.
 WinstonChurchillPrime Minister of U.K.
 Murphy Cousin of Peter's father.
 Mr.EmileLover of Peter's mother.
 Markus Peter's uncle. Aka: Collins.
 Dolly Markus's friend.
 Bernie Dolly's companion.
 Jack Markus's colleague.
 Sandy The girl Peter falls in love with. Aka: Emily.
 JimPrideauxOne of Peter's colleagues.
 Control Smiley's boss.
2Mr.DenisThe new postman. Aka: Le General.
 Amoureuse Peter's Irish setter.
 CharlesDe GaulleThe President of France.
 A.ButterfieldOne of Peter's colleagues.
 Tania Butterfield's secretary.
 Catherine Isabelle's mother. Peter's companion.
 Yves The occasional laborer.
 Artemis The old grey horse.
 Bunny The secret service lawyer.
 Laura Bunny's colleague.
 AlecLeamasPeter's co-spy in Windfall Operation. Deceased.
 BillHaydonThe soviet double agent.
 ElizabethGoldAlec's love. Aka: Liz, Venus.
3PercyAllelineOne of Bill's boys.
 Bland One of Bill's boys.
 Esterhhase One of Bill's boys.
 OliverLaconControl's trusted ally at Treasury.
 OliverMendelA retired police officer.
 ChristophLeamasSole heir of Alec Leamas.
 KarenGoldSole daughter of Liz Gold.
 MillieMcCraigSmiley's former agent.
4BernieLavendarGentlemen's tailor to the diplomatic corps.
 JosefFiedlerMundt's rival.
 Hans-DieterMundtThe man who killed Leamas.
5Dagmar A Swedish journalist.
6StasDe JongLeamas's colleague. Head of Berlin Station.
 Pippa De Jong's wife.
 Barney De Jong's daughter.
 Loftus De Jong's dog.
 KarlRiemickThe Doctor of the Kopenick. Aka: Mayflower.
 ConnieSachsA double agent at Moscow Centre.
 ManfredRiemickKarl's father.
 HelgaRiemickKarl's mother.
 DorisGamp-QuinzOne of the female sources. Dr. Rapp's mistress. Aka: Tulip, Venia Lessif.
 LotharQuinzDoris's husband.
 GustavQuinzDoris's son.
 Lotte Doris's sister.
 EmmanuelRappThe KGB-trained director of overseas operations.
 BrigitteRappEmmanuel's wife.
8Pepsi Smiley's secretary.
 Daffodil One of the sub-sources.
 Violet One of the sub-sources.
 Petal One of the sub-sources.
 SallyOrmondJerry's wife.
 AlwynWithersThe British Ambassador.
 EtienneJabrocheA colonel from the French Embassy.
 Leonard The counsel.
9JoeHawkesberryParis's head of the station.
 Herbert A Circus driver.
 AshleyMeadowA doctor. Circus's friend. Aka: Frank.
 Harper Lowe's gay partner. Tulip's colleague.
 Lowe Harper's gay partner. Tulip's colleague.
10IngeborgLuggA covert star debriefer. Aka: Louisa.
 JeannetteAnnaA covert star debriefer. Aka: Anna.
11Tabitha One of Bunny's colleagues. A lawyer.
12EleanoraCrailThe library funder.
 Mars A 2nd assistant librarian.
 R. PalmeDuttA young journalist and communist activist.
 Bert ArthurLownesOwner of Lownes; the people's grocer.
13Friede Jim's librarian friend.
14Honore Peter's friend.