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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProShayBensonOne of the Narrators. Caden's sister.
 CadenBensonShay's troubled brother. Aka: Shane.
   Angels - The gang that Caden owed money to.
1Elizabeth Shay's prison pen pal. A prison fellowship volunteer.
 ChuckOlsonThe Prison Fellowship Founder.
2DrewDouglasOne of the Narrators. A Pastor.
 Katie Drew's dead wife.
 MarkDouglasDrew's son.
 SarahDouglasDrew's daughter. Aka: Pumpkin.
 LindaKincaidDrew's close friend.
 MaryLouDrew's assistant.
 KevinForresterThe director of Hope Center.
3Shooter Shay's drug addict ex-boyfriend.
 LillyPalmerShay's counselor.
 BrendaJordanShay's case manager.
6Mrs.GallonThe woman who tells Sarah that she's a motherless child.
7LloydKincaidLinda's husband.
9Sadie A café server. Shay's workmate.
 Richard The homeless man at the café Shay befriended.
 Frankie The café owner. Shay's boss.
 Alice One of the café servers. Shay's workmate.
11Chuck Richard's friend.
12JoanSullivanJoe's wife.
 Joe Drew's dying friend.
13Mr.WilkensOne of Drew's clients.
14MarionRowdenMarion's husband. Deceased.
 Nancy Marion's best friend.
15Dwayne Richard's friend.
 Irene Shay's new friend.
 Laurie Irene's daughter.
17Devon One of the café regulars.
18BritannyBeckhamThe girl Drew was dating.
 DeeMillerThe woman Drew met.
 AuntSallyDee's aunt.
20Dr. JohnCarsonDrew's friend.
22AlexTurnbullShay's former landlord.
26Stephanie A volunteer at Hope Center.
 Kelly A volunteer at Hope Center.
32Mrs.JanachekSarah's teacher.
 Heather Sarah's friend.
 Mrs.ThalheimerThe principal at Sarah's school.