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Asymmetry is a singularly inventive and unforgettable debut novel about love, luck, and the inextricability of life and art, from 2017 Whiting Award winner Lisa Halliday. Told in three distinct and uniquely compelling sections, Asymmetry explores the imbalances that spark and sustain many of our most dramatic human relations: inequities in age, power, talent, wealth, fame, geography, and justice. A stunning debut from a rising literary star, Asymmetry is an urgent, important, and truly original work that will captivate any reader while also posing arresting questions about the very nature of fiction itself.

Characters: 122. Amazon rating: 3 ½ stars. Genre: Fiction.




CH1   MapAmsterdam.
    MapNew York City.
    MapKansas City.
2   Empire State Building, New York City.
    Mount Sinai website.
3   MapIraq.
    MapEast Hampton, Long Island, New York.
4   MapNorth Cartwright, New York.
    Altmunster, Austria.
    Dublin House.
5   MapRonkonkoma, New York.
    MapYaphank, New York.
6   Roosevelt Island, New York.
    MapMarble Hill, New York.
    Saint Lucia.
    Washington Heights, New York City.
7   MapIstanbul, Turkey.
    MapDiyarbakir, Turkey.
8   MapKarrada, Iraq.
9   MapKurdistan.
    MapSulaymaniah, Iraq.
10   Cornell Medical College.
    New York Hospital on Wikipedia.
    MapBay Ridge, New York.
12   Paris Conservatoire.
14   MapIndian Ocean.
    MapPerth, Australia.
    Firdos Square, Bagdad, Iraq.
    Zawraa Park Zoo, Bagdad, Iraq.
    Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
    Big Ben, London, England.
18   Riverside Park, New York City.
    Waterloo Bridge, London.
    MapBournemouth, England.
    MapWarsaw, Poland.
    Bloomsbury Square, London.
21   MapWest Hollywood, California.
    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
23   MapSanta Monica, California.
    MapBig Bear Lake, California.
    MapSan Bernardino Forest, California.
25   MapSquirrel Hill, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
    Metropolitan Opera House, New York City.
    Vienna State Opera Ballet School, Vienna, Austria.
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