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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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ProReinhald Sadler Immigrated from Russia. Became Nevada Governor.
 LouiseZadow Sadler's wife.
 Reinhald Sadler (2) Great, great grandson of his namesake, the Governor.
 AlexanderMackenzie Canadian explorer. Died in 1820.
 AlexanderMackenzie (2) Relative of the explorer. Aka: Alex.
 GretaSadler Daughter of Reinhald Sadler (2).
CH1FrankAdams Mackenzie's friend, preacher and gold prospector.
2AngelikaSadler Greta's twin sister. Deceased.
 FredrickSadler Greta's older brother. Aka: Fritz. Deceased.
 JamesGreenly Greta's college romance and husband. Deceased.
 Henry Sadler Greta's uncle.
 RandolfVincent Greta's second husband. They divorced.
3QuidMackenzie Alex's younger brother.
 Melba  Quid's lady of interest.
16Tony  Reinhald Sadler's driver.
20IzzyCindrich Frank Adam's attorney.
23FayeGomez Supervisor at Sadler company.
25LauraRangleswood Paternity lawyer.
 AndyCassidy Geological Engineering Professor.
 JohathanWheeler Head Earth Sciences at UNR (U of Nevada at Reno). Aka:Shakes.
 AddieStuart Phd student. Earthquake expert.
26JimPeters Sadler Board of Directors member.
 Irma McNair Sadler Board of Directors member.
27   "JD" - Jack Daniels whiskey.
31Ralph  Miller Foundry manager.
32CarlKnapp Sadler Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
37EdithRiley President, High Sierra Bank.
39SuzyStarr Publicity consultant.
40Virginia  Greta's secretary.
 DionWeatherley Australian geophysicist.
 Bruno  Sadler company doorman.
43BillIrving Lt. Governor of Nevada.
46BarbaraWhitestone New Sadler employee from the Sadler family.
 AnnSadler Sadler stockholder.
 ThornwallSadler Jr. Advertising man from Las Vegas.
 Sam Sadler III Sadler stockholder.
 TomSanchez Sadler stockholder.