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AUTHOR: Steven Brandt
Steven Brandt

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Greta Sadler, 32, returns home to Reno after 10 adventurous years on the east coast and, against her iconic father’s wishes, meshes with Alex Mackenzie, 34, a hi-tech geologist. To prove themselves, they seek a fabled Sierra goldmine “lost” for 100 years. This story has historical roots in the gold and silver rushes to the west 1849—1869. Life experiences—love, money, sibling rivalry, family frictions, priorities—intersect with external events as the two traverse their thirties with nagging, unanswered questions flickering in their heads. A few of the external happenings in the story add to their stresses include being blackmailed, an earthquake, entombment, a paternity suit, mountain bandits, a Northern Nevada Ol’ Boy network that underrates women, and the potential bankruptcy of the Sadler Corporation.

Characters: 36. Not yet rated. Genre: Historical Fiction.




Pro   Hamilton, Nevada.
CH1   Lucchese Cowboy Boots website.
2   Alpine Meadow Lodge.
3   University of Nevada at Reno.
25   Mackay School of Earth Sciences at the University of Nevada.
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