Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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2 Maya Daughter of GM of hockey team. aka: Pumpkin.
Amat A Cleaner's son. Aka: mummy.
3 Kevin Erdahl A star hockey player. Aka: Kev.
Peter Andersson General manager of Beartown Ice hockey. Aka: Pete.
Fatima Amat's mother.
Kira A lawyer. Peter's wife. Aka: Kia.
4 Leo Peter's twelve year-old son.
Sune A man who has been a coach of Beartown A-team.
Ana Maya's best friend.
5 David A coach of the juniors hockey team.
6 Benjamin Ovich The heart of the hockey team. Aka: Benji.
7 Lifa Amat's childhood friend.
Zacharias Amat's best friend. Aka: Zach.
Bobo The biggest among the juniors hockey team.
8 William Lyt A member of the juniors hockey team.
Robert Holts A former hockey player. Aka: Robbie.
10 Jeanette A teacher.
Adri Benji's eldest sister.
11 Lars David's assistant coach.
12 Isak Kira's first born child.
14 Hog Peter's childhood friend.
Ramona Owner of a Bearskin pub.
Holger Ramona's husband.
15 Katia Benji's sister.
Gaby Katia's sister.
Alan Ovich Benji's father.
16 Tails Peter's old friend.
Maggan Lyt William Lyt's mother.
17 Christer Kira's friend.
27 Brian Peter's old teammate and best friend.
31 Ann-Katrine A nurse. Hog's wife. Aka: Anki.
Filip A player of a hockey team.
37 Mario Lyt Kevin's father's childhood friend.
48 Elisabeth Tail's wife.