Characters - Alphabetical
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Peter Andersson General manager of Beartown Ice Hockey. aka: Pete.
Kevin Erdahl A star hockey player. Aka: Kev.
Robert Holts A former hockey player. Aka: Robbie.
Maggan Lyt William Lyt's mother.
Mario Lyt Kevin's father's childhood friend.
William Lyt A member of the juniors hockey team.
Alan Ovich Benji's father.
Benjamin Ovich The heart of the hockey team. Aka: Benji.
Adri Benji's eldest sister.
Amat A Cleaner's son. Aka: mummy.
Ana Maya's best friend.
Ann-Katrine A nurse. Hog's wife. Aka: Anki.
Bobo The biggest among the juniors hockey team.
Brian Peter's old teammate and best friend.
Christer Kira's friend.
David A coach of the juniors hockey team.
Elisabeth Tail's wife.
Fatima Amat's mother.
Filip A player of a hockey team.
Gaby Katia's sister.
Hog Peter's childhood friend.
Holger Ramona's husband.
Isak Kira's first born child.
Jeanette A teacher.
Katia Benji's sister.
Kira A lawyer. Peter's wife. Aka: Kia.
Lars David's assistant coach.
Leo Peter's twelve year-old son.
Lifa Amat's childhood friend.
Maya Daughter of GM of hockey team. aka: Pumpkin.
Ramona Owner of a Bearskin pub.
Sune A man who has been a coach of Beartown A-team.
Tails Peter's old friend.
Zacharias Amat's best friend. Aka: Zach.