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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JohnYossarianA pilot captain. Protagonist.
 NurseDuckettOne of the ward nurses who didn't like Yossarian.
 Dunbar An airman. Yossarian's friend.
 Texan Yossarian's co-patient.
 NurseCramerNurse Duckett's best friend.
 Soldier in WhiteYossarian's fully bandaged co-patient.
 Lt.NatelyYossarian and Chaplain's common friend.
2C.I.DManOne of Yossrian's co-patients. The investigator of Yossarian's excessive censoring.
 Clevinger Yossarian's colleague.
 Orr Yossarian's roommate. A bomber pilot.
 Havermeyer Yossarian's colleague and the best bombardier.
 McWatt Clevinger's former roommate. A pilot.
 Appleby One of the officers who was good at everything.
 ChuckCathcartMajor Major's executive officer.
 DanDaneekaThe flight surgeon. Yossarian's friend.
 Snowden The radio gunner. Deceased.
3Major Major The squadron commander. Aka: Caleb Major.
 HungryJoeOne of Yossarian's colleagues. A crazy officer.
 P.PPeckemThe general who desperately wants to take over General Dreele's position.
 Nately'sWhoreThe whore in Rome Nately falls in love with.
 Dreedle The commander of the U.S. Army Air Corps in Pianosa.
 Wintergreen The clerk at 27th air force.
 Sgt.TowserMajor Major's assistant.
 ColonelCargillGeneral Peckem's troubleshooter.
 Knight The turret gunner in Yossarian's plane.
 Aardvaark Yossarian's plump, pipe-smoking navigator.
 MiloMinderBinderThe mess officer who bombed the squadron.
4Lt. ColKornCathcart's Lt. Colonel and right-hand man.
 ColonelMoodusGeneral Dreedle's son-in-law.
 Gus Doc Daneeka's orderlies.
 Wes Doc Daneeka's orderlies.
5WhiteHalfoatCaptain Black's assistant. Doc Daneeka's housemate.
 CaptainBlackHalfoat's captain.
 Dobbs Yossarian's associate who went crazy in mid air.
 MajorDanbyThe fidgeting group of operations officer.
6Huple Hungry Joe's roommate. A pilot.
 ColonelNeversThe colonel who got killed.
 CaptainFlumeThe squadron's public relations officer.
 MajorDuluthThe former squadron commander. Deceased.
 Kraft The man who was killed at the bombing.
7CorporalSnarkThe boy who poisoned the squadron.
8Scheisskopf A training unit commander for Yossarain and Clevinger.
 DoriDuzScheisskopf's wife's friend. The girl that Yossarian loves.
 Lt. TravelsScheisskopf's colleague.
 Lt.EngleScheisskopf's colleague.
 MajorMetcalfOne of the judges in Clevinger's trial.
 Popinjay The clerk.
9R.OShipmanThe group chaplain. Yossarian's friend.
10Lt.CoombsThe former assistant intelligence officer.
 Dr.StubbsThe doctor in Dunbar's squadron.
 CaptainPlitchardThe captain-in-charge of squadrons.
 CaptainWrenCaptain Plitchard's colleague.
 Lt.MuddThe dead man in Yossarian's tent.
11CorporalKolodnyCaptain Black's assistant. Doc Daneeka's housemate.
12KidSampsonThe under aged soldier.
13Luciana Yossarian's lover.
 Michaela The maid of Yossarian's squad in Rome.
 Maid inLime-colored PantiesThe maid who falls in love with Yossarian.
20CorporalWhitcombR.O. Shipman's assistant.
22Sammy The tailgunner on Yossarian's bomber.
27MajorSandersonThe neurotic psychiatrist.
29Mrs.ScheisskopfScheisskopf's wife.
31Mrs.DaneekaDoc Daneeka's wife.