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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProMeritaten The Egyptian princess. Daughter of Pharaoh.
 Gaythelos Meritaten's husband.
 Osarseph The prophet aided by Meritaten.
 Ahrwn Osarseph's brother.
   Part 1
1  Cerron Grande - The largest reservoir in El Salvador.
 EliseAguilarScientist - Agency for International Development El Salvador.
 Rondi Salvadoran villager aiding U.S. scientist. Elise's companion.
 Mr. PhillipA man who helped build a windmill.
 Phil Elise's colleague.
2DirkPitt Sr.The head of NUMA. Protagonist.
   NUMA - National Underwater and Marine Agency.
 AlGiordinoDirector of NUMA's underwater technology.
8RonPoseyThe captain of the boat called Mayweather.
 Gauge Ron's second-in-command officer.
9LorenSmith-PittPitt's wife. A congresswoman.
 RudiGunnThe NUMA's deputy director.
 ZerriPochinskiPitt's long-time secretary.
10StantonBradshawThe State Senator. Chairman of the senate committee.
 EvannaMcKeeThe CEO of BioRem Global. Audrey's mother.
11AudreyMcKeeThe field manager of BioRem Global. Evanna's daughter.
 MichaelCruzNUMA's marine engineer and salvage expert.
14Rachel One of Evanna's associates.
15Dr. StephenNakamuraAn epidemiologist at the University of Maryland.
17Ross An FBI Agent. Elise's protector.
 SusanMontgomeryThe Head of Environmental Health Laboratory in Atlanta.
 MilesPerkinsA scientist at Inverness Research Laboratory.
   Part 2
18ManjeetDhattPratima's husband. The father of the ill boy in Mumbai.
Pratima DhattManjeey's wife. The mother of the ill boy in Mumbai.
19RodneyZeibigNUMA's marine archaeologist.
 HarrisonStanleyAn emeritus professor of Egyptology from Cambridge.
 RikiSadlerA biochemist and archaeologist. Evanna's daughter.
 FrasierMcKeeEvanna's husband. Deceased.
 Aziz An Egyptian antiquities ministry agent.
20SummerPittPitt's daughter. NUMA's special projects director.
 DirkPitt Jr.Pitt's son. NUMA's special projects director.
27St. JulianPerlmutterPitt's old friend. A historian.
28HiramYaegerNUMA's computer resource center director.
29OzzieAckmadanThe proprietor of the Abu Simbel Inn.
   Part 3
35Byron A lab research director.
36Richard One of Evanna's associates.
38AbigailBrownFormer Prime Minister of Australia. CEO of the World Bank.
39EamonBrophyPitt's friend. Former archaeology dept. head Dublin University.
40Gavin One of Evanna's associates.
 Ainsley One of Evanna's associates.
 Irene One of Evanna's associates.
43FriarThomasThe Franciscan Friary of Killarney.
73JamesSandeckerThe current U.S. Vice President. NUMA's former director.