Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  The Other Side of the Bridge
 DouglasHollisAn artist. Aka: Doug: Duth.
 Nick The household patriarch.
 Dr.BronnerA devotee of millet.
 Jules The most sympathetic among the households.
2  The Success Machine
 Martha Nick's girlfriend.
 RuthReichlA restaurant critic. Aka: Rug.
 AliceWaltersAn American chef.
 RichardOlneyA culinary genius.
 Pat Alice's friend.
 PhilReichA wine writer.
 ColmanAndrewsA food editor.
 Marie Ruth's friend.
3  Paris
 PatrickTerrailAmerican restaurant and hotel consultant.
 OrsonWellesAn actor.
 WolfgangPuckThe most talented chef in Los Angeles.
 PieroSelvaggioA restaurant owner.
 Beatricedu CroixRuth's friend.
 GuySavoyA French chef.
 ChezIsadoreColman's friend.
 Claude Colman's close friend.
 Pepita Claude's wife.
4  Blow Your Socks Off
 DarrellCortiA man who knows about food and wine.
 CharliePerryOne of Los Angeles critics.
 JosephSwanA chemist and an inventor.
 MichaelMcCarthyPhil's business partner.
 JonathanWaxmanA chef.
 MarkPeelA young chef.
 KenFrankThe head chef.
 SallyClarkeJonathan's friend.
 PierreVedelMichael's friend from Paris.
 Ingrid Michael's acquaintance.
 LoriPowellOne who tested Michael's recipe.
5  Garlic is Good
 LesBlankA Berkeley's filmmaker.
 RobertCharlesOwned a restaurant which served only lamb.
 BruceAidellsOwner of Aidells's Sausage Company.
 Amora Robert's wife.
 BruceCostA cook.
 VirginiaLeeA cook.
 AnzoniniDel PuertoA great singer.
6  Armadillos in China
 Miriam Ruth's mother.
 Mr.BergaminiOwner of a butchers' shop.
 Mr.ChanRuth's father's friend.
 Mr.ChenA chef.
 Mr.LeeHotel usher.
 Ed A free lance travel writer.
 MarionCunninghamRuth's friend.
 CeciliaChiangOwner of Cecilia's restaurant.
7  The Sage of Sonoma
 Mary FrancesKennedy FisherRuth's acquaintance.
 Al FisherMary Frances's husband.
 EllenFrankRuth's very good friend.
 MichaelSingerA journalist.
 Susan Ellen's friend.
 Franco Owner of a coffee shop.
 Charlie A cat.
8  Five Recipes
 Jeffrey Ruth's acquaintance.
9  Raining Shrimp
 Jacques Ruth's friend.
 BoonchooPholatawarnaA Thai chef.
10  Midnight Duck
 Vernon A cook.
 CharleneRollinsA cook.
 Dorothy Miriam's friend.
11  Dali Fish
 BarbaraLazaroffOne of the owners of Chinois restaurant.
 JoachimSplichalA Los Angeles chef.
 RobertEpsteinEditor of the Los Angeles Times. Aka: Bob.
 RichardKrauseChinois's chef.
 Edison An electrician.
12  Foodies
 DannyKayeA cook.
 PaulBocuseA French chef.
 RogerBergerAn American statistician.
 FredyGirardetA Swiss chef.
 EvelleYoungerA former attorney general of the state of California.
13  Mashed Bananas
 NancySilvertonA baker.
 Joshua A lawyer.
 Roxanne A pregnant young girl.
 KathleenTurnerRuth's close friend.
 Darlene A pregnant woman.
 Billy Darlene's husband.
 Romana One of the pregnant women.
 Amy One of the pregnant women.
 Veronica One of the pregnant women.
 Joanna One of the pregnant women.
 Louella One of the pregnant women.
 Rachel One of the pregnant women.
 Sally One of the pregnant women.
 April One of the pregnant women.
 Gabriella Ruth's adoptive daughter. Aka: Gavi.
 Lincoln The judge.
 Eres AnnaDelgardoGabriella's birth mother.
 Lourdes A witness.
 JuanRodriguezGabriella's father.
14  Barcelona
 BradleyOgdenA chef.
 LydiaShireA chef.
 JuliaChildAn American chef.