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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1EleanorMaxieOwner of Martingale, party hostess
 Dr. CharlesEppsPhysician
 MissLiddellWarden of St. Mary's Refuge for Girls
 CatherineBowersNurse, guest of the Maxies, in love with Stephen
 StephenMaxieMrs. Maxie's son, medical student
 DeborahRiscoeStephen's sister, widow
 SallyJuppUnmarried mother, from St. Mary's, hired help at the Maxie's
 MarthaBultitaftHousekeeper for the Maxies
 Miss PollackAssistant to Miss Liddell at St. Mary's
 SamuelBocockIn charge of the Maxie stables
 SimonMaxieEleanor's husband, father of Stephen & Deborah, invalid
2James Sally Jupp's baby
 ChristianBowersArtist, Catherine's father
 KatieBowersCatherine's mother
 FelixHearneFriend of Deborah, publishing executive
 EdwardRiscoeDeborah's husband, died of poliomyelitis
4Det. Sgt.MartinScotland Yard officer, Dalgliesh's assistant
 Det. Chief Insp. AdamDalglieshScotland Yard officer in charge of the investigation
 Supt.ManningLocal police officer
 Dr. CharlesFeltmanPolice surgeon
5Mrs.PullenAssistant to Miss Liddell at St. Mary's
 LionelJephsonThe Maxies' lawyer
 Sir ReynoldPriceLocal landowner
 Mr.WilsonOwner of the village store
 DerekPullenYoung man seen outside the night of the murder
 JohnnieWilcox12-year-old who saw Sally Jupp & a man in the hayloft of Bocock's stable the afternoon of the fete.
6Mrs. VictorProctorSally's aunt
7Mrs.PullenDerek's mother
8MissTitleyEmployee of the Select Book Club
 MissMolpasManager of the Select Book Club
 BeatriceMellingDeceased, former employee of the Select Book Club, a friend of Sally Jupp when the also worked at the store
 JamesRitchieSally Jupp's husband
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