We appreciate the help of our volunteers to keep Book Companion growing.


If you’re interested in helping maintain Book Companion here are several areas where you can help:


1. SPREAD THE WORD – let your friends know what we offer and how to utilize our services. Yes, we have over 10 million page views/year, but we need more to continue to grow.


2. EDIT BOOKS – if you are able to write down in a spreadsheet, the characters by chapter, we can take it from there and create a “Volunteer Edition” of that book. The book lists created by our volunteers, do not have the “links” page. This is limiting, but not a problem. You will also receive credit on the Characters-by-Chapter page as Editor and as the person who suggested the book. Here are a few examples:


Cover Her Face - https://www.bookcompanion.com/cover_her_face_character_list.html


Mourn Not Your Dead - https://www.bookcompanion.com/mourn_not_your_dead_character_list.html

Shrines of Gaiety -



Dregs -



Strong Poison -



NOTE: you must notify us in advance of the Title and Author of the book you intend to edit, so it will not overlap with our Book Companion editors' selections.



Contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thanks for your help,