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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1WilliamWistingChief Inspector - Criminal Investigation Dept., Larvik police, protagonist
 EspenMortensenCrime scene technician, Larvik police
2NilsHammerLeader of the narcotics division, police
 TorunnBorgFemale police investigator
 Suzanne Wisting's girlfriend, former corporate HR executive
 TorkelLauritzenOlder person, missing from Stavern nursing home, stroke victim
 OttoSaga79-year-old missing from Stavern nursing home, retired air force veteran
 SverreLundOlder person missing from Stavern nursing home, former head teacher at primary school
 HanneRichter34-year-old nursery teacher, on sick leave but also missing; paranoid schizo-phrenic
3IngridWistingWisting's wife, deceased
 AudunVettiAssistant Chief of Police
4LineWistingWisting's daughter, journalist
 HenningMørkConvicted murderer, one of Line's interviewees
5TommyWistingWisting's son, in the military
6EskildAnvikPolice Chief Superintendent
 EbbeSlettakerResearcher from the Meteorological Institute; specialist in floating objects
 CamillaThaulowCarer at Stavern nursing home
9TommyKvanterDanish friend of Line, chef on Danish ship
 Ken RonnyHaugeLine's 2nd interviewee, convicted of murdering a police officer
 EdgarBisjordHauge's victim, a constable
10MortenPludowskiColleague of Line, in news department
 Buster Wisting's cat
 VetleKvastinoOfficer in the Grenland crime watch section
11GunnarMolandMan who swindled Camilla Thaulow
12StineNymanVictim of rape & murder in 1989; 1st case in Norway where DNA used in evidence
 ǺgeReinholdtCommitted murder in 1974 &1995; another of Line's interviewees
16ChristianHaugeOwner of the house Hanne Richter rented; deceased, Ken Ronny's grand-father
19IngaSvendsenDepartment manager at Stavern nursing home
21JonTerkelsenHanne Richter's psychiatrist
22GretaLundSverre Lund's wife
24Kristin & MathiasLauretzenDaughter & son of Torkel Lauritzen & Otto Saga
26CarstenMeyerAcquaintance of Wisting's father; former defense dept. researcher & weapons factory worker
27Dr.HardbergWisting's physician
 DanielMeyerCarsten's grandson, journalist
33Rune EiolfHaugeKen Ronny's brother, owner of success-ful company manufacturing cutting & grinding machinery
35ErlingTunberg10-year-old vacationing on the Larvik beach with his family
 Even Erling's friend
36TrondLauritzenSon of Kristin & Mathias Lauritzen, grandson of Otto Saga & Torkel Lauritzen
 TrineLaurizenTrond's sister
 KnutLauritzenGrandson of Torkel Lauritzen
 Oddmund & MarieLauritzenKnut's parents; Oddmund is Torkel Lauretzen's son
40AlfStoreggenLawyer, resident at Stavern nursing home
47Karl EdvinMalmstrømOslo banker
 CamillaCollett19th century feminist Norwegian writer; her likeness was used on currency
 KirstenFlagstadEarly 1900s Norwegian Wagnerian soprano opera singer; her likeness was used on currency
 Christian MagnusFalsenLate 1700s/early 1800s Norwegian statesman; his likeness was used on currency
 EdvardGrieg1800s Norwegian composer ("Peer Gynt"), his likeness was used on currency
 Ausmund OlavssoVinje1800s Norwegian poet & journalist; his likeness was used on currency
49BjørnstjerneBjørnson1800s Norwegian poet; 1st Norwegian to win Nobel Prize (1903, literature); his likeness was used on currency
50BenteOlsenKilled her uncle, imprisoned for 15 years; Line's next interviewee
53RagnvaldHagenOfficer in the fingerprint department of the police headquarters
 Per ArneHaugenPornographer, aka "PornoPea," or P.A. Haugen
58AdvocateStoreggenRetired lawyer, lives at the Stavern nursing home
EPITrondEurebøMurdered a prostitute & a journalist, next interviewee for Line
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