Characters - Alphabetical
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BruceAdlerJane's husband.
EddieAdlerBruce and Jane's son.
JaneAdlerBruce's wife.
JordanAdlerBruce and Jane's son.
CrispinCoxThe man in the wheelchair. One of the plane passengers.
HarrisonCoxCrispin's son.
LouisaCoxCrispin's first wife.
JohnCurtisLacey's husband.
LaceyCurtisJane Adler's sister. Edward's aunt.
JaxLassioMark's brother.
MarkLassioA writer. One of the plane passengers.
Dr. NancyLouisThe doctor who died at the plane crash.
JeannetteLouisNancy's mother.
Dr.MikeEdward's therapist.
BenjaminStillmanA soldier. One of the plane passengers.
BobbyStollenLinda's husband.
LindaStollenX-ray technician. One of the plane passengers.
Mrs.TuhaneThe gym teacher.
MadameVictoryA tarot card reader.
Arundhi The school principal.
Beezus Nancy's cat.
Besa Shay's mother.
Bob Lyle's co-paramedic.
Donovan The detective-in-charge.
Ellen A flight attendant.
Florida Linda's seatmate aboard the airplane.
Gary Linda's girlfriend.
Gavin Benjamin's colleague.
Lionel Veronica's ex-boyfriend.
Lolly Benjamin's grandmother.
Luis A flight attendant.
Lyle A former volunteer paramedic.
Mahira Jordan's lover.
Margaret Edward's schoolmate.
Olivia Lyle's co-paramedic.
Samuels Crispin and Louisa's lawyer.
Shay Edward's new friend. Besa's daughter.
Susan The head of public relations at Denver Hospital.
Tahiti The man who wrote to Edward about Jax's death.
Veronica The chief flight attendant.