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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1EmmelineBlakeLegal secretary who aspires to be a journalist, volunteers for the B Watch at a fire call station. Aka: Emmy.
 MarigoldTavistockEmmy's best friend, working nights at War Office, Aka: Bunty.
 Mr.BoneThe news agent.
 Capt. WilliamDaviesCaptain Carlton Street fire station where Emmy works.
 Edmund Emmy's fiancé, in the British Royal Artillery.
 Thelma Emmy's friend & co-worker at the fire call station.
 William Bunty's boyfriend who works for the fire brigade, Aka. Bill
2LordOvertonMillionaire philanthropist, owner of Launceston Press, Ltd.
 Mr. GuyCollinsFeatures editor & Editor for the Woman's Friend magazine.
3Mrs. HenriettaBirdActing Editor of the Woman's Friend & advice columnist.
 KathleenKnightonMr. Collins' secretary.
4Mr.NewtonAdvertising director for the magazine.
 Mr.BrandArt director for the magazine.
 Mrs.MahoneyProduction manager for the magazine.
 Olive & Kitty Childhood friends of Emmy & Bunty.
5Clarence Young mail delivery boy, has a crush on Kathleen.
6Mrs.BussellThe tea lady.
7Wendy A nurse with whom Edmund fell in love & married.
 BetteDavisFamous American actress.
 ReverendWiffleVicar at the church Emmy & her family attend.
8JackLakeEmmy's brother.
 Dr.LakeEmmy's father.
 VirginiaWoolfFamous British author (2/25/1882—3/28/1941).
9Harold Friend of William, in the Army bomb disposal squad.
10Capt. CharlesMayhewMr. Collins' half-brother, in the Army.
11Mr.DennisOwner of a bicycle shop that was destroyed by German bombs.
 Joan Friend of Emmy's at the fire call station.
 Mary Friend of Emmy's at the fire call station.
 Fred Member of the B Watch fire station team
 RoyHodgesMember of the B Watch fire station team
12Vera Full-timer on the A Watch at the fire call station.
 TommyLewisFire station teammate of William.
 Mabel Doll belonging to William rescued from a wrecked building
17Mo Fire call station worker, friend of Vera.
 JocelynDerrickFire call worker who Emmy called to substitute on B Watch.
19Mrs.TavistockBunty's grandmother, owner of London house where Emmy & Bunty live.
22Mrs. MieczslawWardynskiCorrespondent whose letter to the magazine Emmy responded to on behalf of Mrs. Bird, Aka Dolly.
25Mrs. EileenTredmoreDolly's mother