Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs. HenriettaBirdActing Editor of the Woman's Friend & advice columnist.
EmmelineBlakeA legal secretary who aspires to be a journalist, volunteer for the B Watch at a fire call station, Aka Emmy.
Mr.BoneThe news agent.
Mr.BrandArt director for the magazine.
Mrs.BussellThe tea lady.
Mr. GuyCollinsFeatures editor & Editor at Large for Woman's Friend magazine.
Capt. WilliamDaviesCaptain of the Carlton Street fire station where Emmy works evenings.
BetteDavisFamous American actress.
Mr.DennisOwner of a bicycle shop that was destroyed by German bombs.
JocelynDerrickFire call worker who Emmy called to substitute on the B Watch.
RoyHodgesMember of the B Watch fire station team
KathleenKnightonMr. Collins' secretary.
Dr.LakeEmmy's father.
JackLakeEmmy's brother.
TommyLewisFire station teammate of William.
Mrs.MahoneyProduction manager for the magazine.
Capt. CharlesMayhewMr. Collins' half-brother, in the Army.
Mr.NewtonAdvertising director for the magazine.
LordOvertonMillionaire philanthropist, owner of Launceston Press, Ltd.
MarigoldTavistockEmmy's best friend, working nights at the War Office, Aka Bunty.
Mrs.TavistockBunty's grandmother, owner of London house where Emmy & Bunty live.
Mrs. EileenTredmoreDolly's mother
Mrs. MieczslawWardynskiCorrespondent whose letter to the magazine Emmy responded to on behalf of Mrs. Bird, Aka Dolly.
ReverendWiffleVicar at the church Emmy & her family attend.
VirginiaWoolfFamous British author (2/25/1882—3/28/1941).
Clarence Young mail delivery boy, has a crush on Kathleen.
Edmund Emmy's fiancé, in the British Royal Artillery.
Fred Member of the B Watch fire station team
Harold Friend of William, in the Army bomb disposal squad.
Joan Friend of Emmy's at the fire call station.
Mabel Name of the doll belonging to a child William rescued from a wrecked building
Mary Friend of Emmy's at the fire call station.
Mo Fire call station worker, friend of Vera.
Olive & Kitty Childhood friends of Emmy & Bunty.
Thelma Emmy's friend & co-worker at the fire call station.
Vera Full-timer on the A Watch at the fire call station.
Wendy A nurse with whom Edmund fell in love & married.
William Bunty's boyfriend who works for the fire brigade, Aka. Bill