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by Rita Chang Eppig

Ai Smith
Major Characters Only (MCO)
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·       Shek Yeung is the protagonist of the novel. She is a former sex slave who was rescued by the pirate Cheng Yat and became his wife and co-captain of the Red Banner Fleet. After Cheng Yat's death, Shek Yeung must fight to keep the fleet together and maintain her power.

·       Cheng Yat is Shek Yeung's husband and the former captain of the Red Banner Fleet. He is a skilled warrior and a charismatic leader. He is killed in battle, leaving Shek Yeung to take over the fleet.

·       Cheung Po is Cheng Yat's second in command. He is a skilled sailor and a ruthless fighter. He is ambitious and wants to take over the Red Banner Fleet for himself.

·       Amah is Shek Yeung's mentor and confidante. She is a wise and experienced woman who teaches Shek Yeung everything she knows about piracy.

·       Silver Moon is Shek Yeung's best friend and fellow pirate. She is a skilled fighter and a loyal friend.

·       Little Fish is a young girl who is captured by the Red Banner Fleet. Shek Yeung takes her under her wing and teaches her how to be a pirate.

·       Captain Wong is the leader of the Qing navy. He is determined to destroy the Red Banner Fleet and restore order to the South China Sea.

·       Lady Ching is a powerful woman who controls the gambling dens in Macau. She is Shek Yeung's rival and a threat to her power.




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