Characters - Alphabetical
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PeterAndersonOne of the scammers who emailed Bob.
Christian BalaJoseph's friend. A chef.
YoussouBalaMamadou's colleague.
DonCabbageBob's employer.
WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
Christian ClarkUdeze's client.
TerryDarcusBob's landlord.
ChickDevineThe barman at Stewpot's.
VladimirDyatlovThe deputy governor in charge of economy, construction of Chelyabinsk region.
NeilForsythBob's friend. Author.
OlgaGoldivskyA Russian scammer who emailed Bob.
TomHanksThe lead actor of Forrest Gump.
ColinJacksonAn artist in the U.K.
JerrenJimjamsThe man who scammed Bob.
JeanKitsonOne of the scammers who emailed Bob.
NipperKolaczThe man who works at Michelin.
MamadouKouassiOne of the scammers who emailed Bob.
XiongLiHuman Resources manager at Lanzhou Global
SashaMalikovOlga's associate.
HamishMcAlpineThe former Dundee United goalkeeper.
TrevorMcDonaldA Trinidadian-British journalist.
CruncherMcKenzieBob's companion.
GeronimoMcLardyThe Woolworth's security guard.
JimMcLeanThe old dundee united manager.
RalphieMilneThe former United Dundee player.
TonyNorthrupThe real lion owner.
TommyPeanutsBob's colleague.
HowardReochAn actor.
SarahRileyTim's assistant.
TimSandersonJean's lawyer.
BobServantProtagonist. A burger seller.
DaphneSilverstoneTommy's girlfriend. A barmaid at Stewpot's.
BenjaminSumaThe son of a military general.
FrankTheplankOne of Bob's regulars.
JackThompsonOne of the scammers who emailed Bob.
JosephUdezeA lawyer who emailed Bob.
RandyWhytingOne of the men that Jimjams scammed.
ChappyWilliamsOne of Bob's close friends.
BobWilsonA goalkeeper.
JockWilsonThe Scottish former world darts champion.
Alexandra The girl from Russia who emailed Bob.
Archie Bob's friend.
Captain One of Jack's lions.
Champion The ostrich.
Clive The guy from Royal Bank.
Joan One of Bob's workers.
Kazi Bob's friend in Dhaka.
Natalia One of the scammers who emailed Bob.
O'Neil The reverend.
Trevor Bob's postman.
Zoro One of Jack's lions.