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o Research and discuss the idea of multiple/alternative universes. What do scientists think about the plausibility of this general idea? (prologue)

o What are Marquis of Queensbury rules? (chap. 1)

o Who were the Landsknecht? (chap. 4)

o Who are the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim? (chap. 4)

o Who were the marranos? (chap. 4)

o What is the Holy Roman Empire? (chap. 5) Take a look at the map of the HRE at the beginning of the 30 Years War (1618) at the website of Emerson Kent.com:

http://www.emersonkent.com/map_archive/holy_roman_empire_1 618.htm

o Investigate the Siege of Magdeburg. (chap. 5) Helpful sources include the website Timelines (http://timelines.com/1630/11/sackof-magdeburg) and the article on Magdeburg at the website of the online New World Encyclopedia (http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Magdeburg)

o Look at the timeline of the 30 Years War provided on the website Timelines (http://timelines.com/topics/thirty-years-war). What light does this shed the book’s title? (chap. 5)

o Find some portraits of Gustav II Adolph on the web and compare what you see to Flint’s description at the beginning of chapter 6. o Find a short biographical sketch of Gustav II Adolph on the web and see what you can learn about the man, his character, and his accomplishments. (chap. 6)

o Why does Flint refer to Gustav II Adolph’s attack on the furniture to vent his anger as "a veritable Sicilian Vespers for the seating equipment"? (chap. 6)

o Do a thought experiment. If you and fifty other people were suddenly stranded on an island with no hope of communicating 7 with the outside world for many years, what would you do? What would be your immediate concerns? What form of government would you set up? (chap. 8)

o Investigate the Inquisition, its inception, its relationship to Jews, and its role in this time period. (chap. 11)

o Do some research to learn about Buchenwald and the American liberation of that death camp. (chap. 14)

* Some questions from Baen.

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