After You
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1. What is Louisa’s emotional state at the start of this book? What has transpired for her between Will’s death and now?

2. Lou’s gig at the Shamrock and Clover is a great source of humor in the book. What other function does this particular job play in the book and how does it serve the story? 

3. Lou worries that after her accident everyone thinks she’s suicidal. How would you describe her mental state and her role in the fall? Is she responsible, and why or why not?

4. Throughout the book Lou and her loved ones question her life decisions, and if she is in fact "living" at all after Will’s death. What is holding her back and what ultimately allows her to make changes? 

5. Lou finds herself attracted to Sam, but she isn’t always straightforward with him about her feelings. What keeps her from being intimate with him?

6. How are the Traynors dealing with their complex grief in different ways? 

7. How does the Moving On Circle help Lou? What insights does she take away from her experience?

8. In Chapter 19, the point of view changes to Lily’s perspective. Why does the author make this shift and how does it serve the overall plot of the book?

9. A running theme in the novel is about personal freedom and how Lou, Treena, and their mother all feel trapped by their respective situations. How do they learn from one another? How might they each benefit from having more freedom?

10. What does Lou learn from her relationship with Sam and how might these lessons serve her in her new life?

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