Any Dream Will Do
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1. What are the major themes of the novel? How are these themes demonstrated through the characters’ actions?

2. This story is told from the perspectives of both Drew and Shay. Who is the main character? Why?

3. How does Shay change throughout the course of the novel? What precipitates her change? How does her change reflect the themes of the story?

4. In Chapter One, Shay mentions how much her father avoided religion when she was growing up. How does her childhood affect the way she views the church? The way she views Drew?

5. Both Mark and Sarah are extremely perceptive. How does their presence affect Drew and Shay’s relationship?

6. In chapter twenty-six, Linda says “I’m afraid that loving Shay is going to cost you your ministry.” What does she mean by this? What does Linda’s opinion mean to Drew? Is it important? Why or why not?

7. How do Drew’s sermons impact the characters in the story? Do they represent any major themes in the book? Why?

8. Discuss the title of the book as it pertains to each character. How does the title reflect each character’s journey?

9. Shooter and Caden both mistreat Shay at multiple points in the novel. How do their actions affect Shay’s relationship with Drew? What about her relationship with the other characters?

10. Who would play each of the characters in a film adaptation of ANY DREAM WILL DO? Why?

11. At the end of the story, does Caden find redemption? Why or why not?

12. At the end of the novel, Shay says “As I looked around me, I had more than a handful of dreams and every one of them seemed to be coming true.” What were Shay’s dreams at the beginning of the novel? The end? Did they all come true? Why or why not?

 * Some questions from Reading Group Guides

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