Crazy Rich Asians
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1. In what ways is Nick’s family in Singapore just like any other typical family? In what ways are they different?

2. Why doesn’t Nick tell Rachel more about his background? How does his life in New York differ from the way he was raised?

3. Rachel says that she never dated Asian men before Nick. How has Rachel’s upbringing influenced her opinion of Asian men?

4. How are marriage and married life portrayed in the novel? How are different models of marriage embodied by the couples in the novel?

5. Why do you think the author uses several different points of view to tell the story? Which point of view did you connect with the most, and why?

6. When it comes to wealth, what are the different values reflected by the "old money" families of Singapore and the "new money" families like Peik Lin’s?

7. How do misunderstandings and miscommunication steer the course of the plot and affect Nick and Rachel’s relationship? What role does gossip play in this miscommunication?

8. In what ways are Nick and Rachel’s mothers, Eleanor and Kerry, similar with regards to parenting their children? How does each woman view the relationship between Nick and Rachel?

9. How did you feel about the author’s use of footnotes throughout the book? Did they enhance your understanding of the story and the culture it portrays?

10. What do you think Nick and Rachel’s future will be like?

* Some questions from BookBub.

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