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1. Kate, Olive and Lucy have different personalities, but they also have some common traits. Talk about how the women differ and the ways in which they're similar.

2. Of the three entwined stories that make up The Forgetting Room, which character(s) were you most drawn to? Which character's story held your interest more than the others? Or were they all equally compelling?

4. What was your experience reading the novel? Did the alternating chapters hold together seamlessly or did you find the shifts jarring?

5. A central concern in the novel, is the power of love, whether appropriate or not. Trace the paths of love in this book. Discuss how love has consequences beyond the two people involved and their time.

6. Lies and secrets are also a major theme in The Forgotten Room: the way they ripple, like a pebble thrown into a pond, through time and across generations. How were the characters affected by the many secrets eventually uncovered in the book. What responsibilities for truth and openness do all of us have to the generations that follow us?

7. As the mystery unraveled itself during the course of the novel, were there any points where you felt you had the answers to the riddles? If so, were your predictions born out...or were you wrong?



* Some questions from LitLovers.

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