Jurassic Park
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1.   How is the natural world in Jurassic Park different from what it is in a zoo?

2.   Which characters do you trust the most? Which do you trust the least? Why?

3.   What are the basics of chaos theory as explained by Ian Malcolm?

4.   Do you agree with Malcolm's general assessment of scientists? Why or why not?

5.   Why does Hammond ask Grant and Sattler specifically to join the assessment group?

6.   Why do you think Hammond invited his grandkids to the park?

7.   Which characters are the most well rounded? How so?

8.   If we could clone dinosaurs, which would you want to see the most?

9.   If you could thwart the development of technology to clone dinosaurs, would you? Why or why not?


* Some questions from SH Moop.

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