Love Does
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1. Bob Goff is described as a one man ‘tsunami of grace’, a ‘hurricane of love’. What words would you use to describe him?

2. What do you think the true purpose of this book?

3. How realistic do you feel the book is? Would you entertain the thought of living as Bob and his family does?

4. Could you : • Wait on a bench outside of the Dean of Law School’s office for 5 days to get admitted? • Take off and visit dignitaries throughout the world with your children? • Leave your wife, as Randy did, on your honeymoon to go rock climbing? Why did he do this? • Not be angry if someone stole your jeep? • Let a complete stranger have dinner on your porch and then give him a ride in your boat in order for him to propose to his fiancé’?

5. On page 67 of the book, it states "I used to think I had to be somebody important to accomplish things but now I know Jesus uses ordinary people". Comment on this statement.

6. Bob started Restore International which fights injustices of children in Uganda, India and Somali. What were some of the injustices he saw in these countries?

7. What did you learn about yourself after reading this book?

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