Master and Commander
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1.   What kind of class structure exists in the world of Master and Commander?

2.   Is the technical language of Master and Commander an obstacle to its full enjoyment?

3.   Are the characters of Master and Commander drawn realistically?

4.   Is Captain Jack Aubrey too full of ambition to be a good British officer? Is he blinded by his desire for promotion and for prize money?

5.   How would you characterize the relationship between Stephen Maturin and Jack Aubrey?

6.   Do you think the theme of music, which is interwoven throughout the story of Master and Commander, adds or detracts from the realism of the plot?

7.   How do you think Aubrey should react to slightly veiled attacks on his character by Lieutenant James Dillon?

8.   What do you think of the battle scenes of Master and Commander? Discuss one of these battles in depth.

9.   What are Jack's strengths as a leader...

 * Some questions from BookRags.

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