My Sister's Grave
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1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?


2. This story is told using vignettes of Tracy’s (and Sarah’s) past, with the majority of the story told in the present. Did having the two timelines work or did you find it confusing? Why or why not?


3. How did you like the pacing of the novel? Did it keep your attention? Why or why not?


4. Why do you think Dugoni, the author, told stories regarding Sarah from when she was younger, rather than just focusing on the time of the abduction? What use do the other stories have to the reader and the pacing of the story?


5. Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite character? Why?


6. Tracy feels responsible for her sister’s disappearance and murder. Was she? Why do you think many people feel guilty for things they have no control over?


7. Tracy has a healthy relationship with her partner, Kins, with no romantic slant. Why do you think so many books/TV shows insist that a male/female partnership needs to be romantic? Do you think men and women can work together without romance coming in to it? Why or why not?


8. Do you think Ben, Tracy’s fiancé/husband/ex, was right that her obsession with her sister’s disappearance was hurting their relationships and her health? Do you blame him for leaving? Why or why not?


9. How do you feel about Dan O’Leary, the lawyer? Was he a well-rounded character? What about his interactions with Tracy? Were they true to life? Was his character necessary? Why or why not?


10. How do you feel about Tracy and her obsession with uncovering the truth at all costs… even 20 years later? Did she go into law enforcement for the right reasons? Did your opinion of her change at any time during the book?


11. Based on what Tracy knew at the time, was it proper for her to keep investigating and get Dan to look into House’s trial? Considering how the book ended, was investigating House’s trial the right thing to do? Mentor Public Library Page 3 of 4 May 2021


12. Do you think the sheriff and James Crosswhite did the right thing in the initial investigation? Was it the wrong thing for the right reason? Why?


13. Why do you think Sheriff Calloway didn’t tell Tracy the truth once it started to go wrong and the new hearing was empaneled?


14. Why do you think Doctor James Crosswhite did what he did in the end?


15. Did you know who Sarah’s killer was before it was revealed?


16. Do you think Tracy made the right decision in the end by solely blaming her father for the coverup?


17. The book starts with the epigraph, “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” by Sir William Blackstone. Do you believe that is a true statement? Why or why not? How does this book embody and refute that quote at the same time?


18. Dugoni has written a number of other books. Will you read them?



* Some questions from Mentor Public Library

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