Parable of the Talents
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What is this parable about? What is the connection to chapter 24?

In verse one Jesus says, “It will be like a man going on a journey.” What will be like a man going on journey?

What do the various symbols or people in the parable represent?
What is a talent?

Why does the master give different amounts instead of the same amount to each person?

Does God give the same abilities and responsibilities to us? Why not?
How should you react if you are given more? How should you react if you are given less?

What is the difference in perspectives between a steward and an owner?

Who did the new talents (bags of gold) that were earned belong to? What did the servant do with them upon the master’s return?

How did the master react to the two servants who did well?

What does it mean to “enter into the joy of your master.”

What kind of person does the lazy servant represent?

Do you think he is being honest in his reason for not working while the master was away? Why or why not?

What can you see in his response about his view of the master? Was this accurate? Why was he so negative?

If the master represents Jesus how can we understand his statement that “you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed.”

Is there any financial advice implied in this parable?
What does verse 29 mean?


* Some questions from Study and Obey.

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