Red Scarf Girl
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  1. Why is the red scarf so important? What does the color red symbolize in the book?
  2. What's the deal with the da-zi-bao? Do you think this fits into the idea of everyone being equal? What works/doesn't work about this idea? Should students be able to openly criticize teachers and disobey them?
  3. How does Ji-li's attitude toward Mao change over the course of the book? What does she think of Mao as an adult?
  4. Why aren't people allowed the Four Olds? Which one of these is most surprising? Do you think it's fair to search people's homes for these items? What items do you have that might be considered a "Four Old"?
  5. What does Ji-li's name mean? Why is this important? What can this tell us about her?
  6. When Ji-li is asked to testify against her dad, do you think she makes the right choice? What impacts her decision? Is it fair to ask her to do this?

* Some questions from SHMoop.


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