Spinning Silver
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1.   What do you think of the shifting 1st person narration?

2.   Do you like Miryem?

3.   What do you think of her family?

4.   Why do you think Miryem became the moneylender?

5.   Is her coldness a bad thing?

6.   Why do you think the perspective switched to Wanda?

7.   Do you like Wanda?

8.   What do you think of her family?

9.   What does this book say about the concept of family?

10.       Do you like the world building?

11.       Are the Staryk frightening at the beginning?

12.       Was turning the Staryk silver into jewelry a good idea?

13.       What do you think of the introduction of Irina?

14.       Do you like Irina?

15.       Who is your favorite character?

16.       Who is your least favorite character?

17.       Does Miryem have a way out of her dilemma?

18.       Did you expect Miryem to be able to fulfill the Staryk Lord’s wishes?

19.       What did you think of their wedding night?

20.       What did you think of Irina and Mirnatius’ wedding night?

21.       How would the story be different without the addition of Chernobog?

22.       Was the Staryk society how you imagine?

23.       Were you surprised that Wanda’s father was murdered?

24.       Do you think it was fair of Miryem to hand over the Staryk Lord?

25.       Would you side with Miryem or Irina on how to handle Chernobog?

26.       Did you like how the book ended for everyone?

27.       How does the book compare to the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin?

28.       Did you like the book?

29.       Would you read more by the author?


* Questions created by Michelle Haring on Cupboard Maker Books

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