State of Terror
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1.   Let’s first talk about why we think Hillary decided to co-write this novel featuring a female secretary of state.

2.   In your opinion, how much of Ellen is based on Hillary?

3.   Why did Doug Williams select his political enemy Ellen as his secretary of state? And on that same note, why did Ellen accept?

4.   What were the key reasons behind their contempt for each other? How did their relationship change over the course of the novel?

5.   Many of the men Ellen comes across don’t take her seriously because of her gender, age, what have you—they continue to underestimate her. How did Ellen use that to her advantage to get what she wanted? Let’s discuss her diplomacy and negotiation skills.

6.   What was your impression of Anahita and her family’s storyline?

7.   Ellen’s son, Gil, is an international journalist who once was held hostage by terrorists and eventually escaped. What did you think about Gil’s key role in the story? Why did he go the journalist route instead of the business one like his sister?

8.   Eric Dunn is based on Trump and there’s an interaction between himself and Ellen. What did you think as you read that scene?

9.   There are plenty of twists and turns in this story—what were some of the more surprising twists?

10.                How much of the novel and events—from the secret meetings with international political enemies to uncovering a plot by domestic terrorists—are potentially based in reality?

11.                What are your thoughts about the ending? What is the message of this story?

12.                What do you hope to see in a potential sequel?

 * Some questions from Book Club Chat

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