The Beantown Girls
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1. Before reading The Beantown Girls, had you ever heard of the Red Cross Clubmobile Girls of WWII?

2. What surprised you most about the experiences of these women during the war?

3. Of the three main characters – Viv, Dottie and Fiona and their friends Blanche, Frankie and Martha - who did you relate to the most and why?

4. In WWII, the perception was that women did not go to war. And yet in the case of the Clubmobile Girls, and other groups, some did. These women were strong in the face of adversity, but historically have never really been recognized for their efforts – why do you think that is?

5. How have gender roles changed since WWII?

6. Did any parts of the book get your choked up or teary-eyed? Which part(s)?

* Some questions from Book Movement.

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