The Bullet That Missed
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1. How do you think the relationships among the members of the Thursday Murder Club have changed through the series?

2. Who is your favorite of the new characters? Would you want to see them again in future books?

3. Elizabeth makes a rare mistake in keeping to the same routine, which leads to her capture by the Viking. What other flaws does Elizabeth have? Would you make the same choices she makes in this story?

4. Joyce is shocked to discover that Elizabeth could be capable of killing someone. How far do you think Elizabeth would go to protect her friends?

5. During one of their therapy sessions, Ibrahim asks Connie if she has any secrets then refuses to answer the same question when it is turned back on him. "That’s for another day…" Why do you think he avoids this question?

6. Ron stepped outside his comfort zone in this story! What did you learn about him in this book? Do you think Ron and Pauline are well suited?

7. Joyce and Elizabeth are best friends – and yet even they don’t tell each other everything. Do you think it’s necessary in any relationship to keep a few secrets from each other?

8. Donna and Chris were lonely before they met the Thursday Murder Club. How have they changed since then? And what do you think the future holds for Donna and Bogdan, Chris and Patrice?

9. Romance was definitely in the air in The Bullet That Missed, with various instances of both new love and old love. How do the two compare? And what other acts of love and kindness did you notice?

10. What were your suspicions about the truth behind Bethany’s disappearance? Were you surprised by the ending?


 * Some questions from Books On Tape.

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