The Diamond Eye
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1. Have you read a Kate Quinn novel before? How did The Diamond Eye compare?

2. When you heard the thought "Don't Miss" what did it make you think about?

3. What did you love about this novel?

4. What were you a little "meh" about?

5. Did you find yourself drawn to one character more than others?

6. How did the Russian parallel to what is currently going on affect you while reading this?

7. If you had read this a couple years ago: how do you think your experience with this novel would have been?

8. What did you think of the park scene close to the end?

9. Did anything shock you from that?

10. Did you know much about the Roosevelts prior to this book? Elaborate how this story changed/confused/angered your prior knowledge

11. Could you have done what Mila did? (this question rings throughout the book)

12. Thoughts on how the media has improved since Madame Death arrived in America as an anomaly.

13. If you could ask Kate Quinn ONE question what would it be? ;).

14. Had you heard of Lady Death/Mila prior to this novel?


 * Some questions from Book Movement/Found Book Shop

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